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DVD Review

Watch an extract of the DVD Below.  Click on the pause button  ( l l)  to download the movie it will take about 5 mins then resume play to watch.


  1. chantal durca says:

    j’aimerai acheter le DVD mais je ne parle pas ni ne comprend l’anglais. pensez-vous que je puisse quand même apprendre ? je vous ai déjà acheté 2 kits, je n’ai pas osé les commencer !!! merci. Chantal

  2. Hi,

    Is the DVD is available again ?


  3. Marie Vryburg says:

    Hi Trish
    When will the Canadian version be back in stock?
    Thanks Marie

  4. Bucciarelli Catherine says:

    I would like to by your DVD, but before I want to know if a french translation is considered.
    Thanks for your answer

  5. bonjour trishburr!!!!!!!je voudrez acheter votre cd ,et suis de MONTE CARLO ou je peux me lo procure merci de me répondre

  6. nancy de vent says:

    hello, I’m very interested in the dvd ‘The long & the short of it – a dvd tutorial’. the question is: where can I buy this dvd ? Thanks for any reply and keep up the good work!

  7. My goodness, people are demanding aren’t they?!! Wishing you well. I enjoy your lovely work

  8. Maureen Palmer says:

    Hi Trish Thank You so much for your beautiful book, Colour Confidence which I bought today at my favorite store Out-of-Hand. I can’t wait to get started…..I recently watched again your DVD and am very excited to start one of your projects in the book, the tufted flycatcher or the bee eater friends….oh my and then the flowers……not to mention my thanks for the many hours devoted by you to show colour and it’s many uses in this art form…..Love it Love it Love it… so again Many Thanks………Maureen in Alberta Canada

  9. I just want to say that I feel it is very important to have both the book for beginners and the CD/DVD. I have both now, and received my giant order of embroidery threads today. I am learning and trying not to get too discouraged because I am not as good as Trish. Hope to be someday.

  10. Hi, it’s I again. I put in the CD because I was having trouble with the DVD. I read the “Read this first” part. There I found that I can play the DVD on my Windows Media Player. I am now happily watching where it left off on the flower. Sorry I caused you so much trouble. Sandra. PS: It is very important for everyone to read the text on the CD before using either disc.

  11. Trish, I saw the dvd until it was showing how to do the flower. It played well until then. Suddenly it just stopped. I have been looking for programs that will play this dvd. What program do you use to play it? I can’t see the rest of it. I could never have done anything with this thread painting if I had not seen as much of this as I did. I really need to see the rest of it. I will get a program to play it, but I don’t know which one will do it. Please let me know. Sandra

  12. LaRaine Winmill says:

    Good Morning Trish
    I was wondering if I could pick this DVD up here in Canada some where can you tell me where…Thanks LaRaine

    • Hi LaRaine the DVD is only available from my website at present – it takes about two weeks to get there. Trish

    • LaRaine Winmill says:

      Thanks Trish then I will go to your website and order it from there…I have one of your CD’s but its one disc and its projects The long and the short of it but I really would like the 2 disc one…More information and I have your new books they are wonderful sure gets ones juices moving to do something..I now have 3 projects on the go…Thanks Trish Have a great Day

  13. By the way, I was trying to open the DVD on my computer.

  14. Hi Karen the second disc is a project CD which needs to be opened in your computer. I have sent you a reply by email. Trish

  15. Hi Trish!
    I’d got your DVD a couple of days back.(Courtesy:my bro’ who lives in US bought it for me ).
    I’d watched it and it’s so good.Hope I’ll complete a couple of projects by this month end.I felt as though I”m taking your class personally,Wonderful instructions !.Am lucky to have a bro’ who happens to enjoy and encourage my passion .My only problem is I can’t get DMC threads in my country,only anchor threads are available.May I ask you how to convert the DMC shades to Anchor?
    Thank you so much for the lessons.

  16. Fleur Schultz says:

    Hello Trish,

    I received the DVD and have watched it….I am now much more confident so thank you! I highly recommend the DVD for anyone keen on producing quality stitching, and also Trish’s beautiful books:)

    Kind regards

  17. Fleur Schultz says:

    Hello Trish
    I was midway through purchasing your DVD online when the Paypal system froze and said there was an error on your site. I had already entered my credit card number and address. Could you please check that you received – or didn’t receive – the order?

    Many thanks

  18. Mary Anne Melmoth says:

    When is your second DVD coming out?

    • Not likely to be a second the first is quite comprehensive and covers everything you need to know on the technique. But I will think on it……..! Trish

  19. Angela Garcia says:

    Hi Trish

    I would like to buy the DVD but cannot find the price and how to go about it. Please let me know. I live in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro.

    Thanks, Angela

    • Hi Angela To buy the DVD go to my website Go onto the shop page – scroll down towards the bottom and you will see the DVD. Click on Add to cart and follow the payment instructions. Am not sure if you want the NTSC or PAL format I think Brazil is PAL? There is an option for both on the drop down list of the add to cart.

      Kind regards Trish

  20. sans sophie says:

    bonjour trish,

    j’aimerai acheter votre DVD , j’habite en france, comment faire ?

    merci d’avance


  21. Etcheberry Annick says:

    Je souhaiterais acheter votre DVD mais j’ aimerais des précisions pour l’obtenir! Je clique sur” cliquer ici pour commander maintenant” sans résultat ! Merci de bien vouloir me donner la marche à suivre. Cordialement. Annick.

  22. Hi Trish, I live in Perth Western Australia, who would my local stockist be.

  23. Hello Trish

    I live in Hong Kong and would like to purchase the DVD, please let me know how should I pay you.

  24. Wilma du Plooy says:

    I wish to purchase the DVD. Live in Kempton Park. Where can I purchase it.

  25. Hello Trish

    I would like to buy the DVD but cannot find the price and how to go about it. Please let me know.

    Thanks Jos

  26. Aaltjie Devy says:

    I also stay in JHB and would like to puchase the DVD – please assist with details where I can obtain the DVD

  27. Lisa Sandford says:

    I wish to purchase the new DVD tut & embroidery kit. As I live in JHB pls advise where I can get it.

  28. Thank you Daphne Mullins.
    Thank you Trish for the link.

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