Here are some examples of my work including some of my earlier attempts.  Click on each thumbnail for a larger view.


  1. Shalimar says:

    Hi tris! I was looking all the stuff that u make, I like it!! They r so beautiful. I make many cross stitch & when saw the stuff that u make, I want to make one. I like the cottages. How can I order? I want the swan cottage1.

  2. mürvet tonbuloğlu says:

    merhaba ben Mürvet kitabınızı aldım ve beyaz çiçek denilen deseninizi değişik şekilde yerleştirerek çalıştım çok güzel oldu teşekkürler

  3. Hello from sunny Florida (USA). Were you born knowing this work? I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m hoping one day to be able to order one of your kits. I’m afraid that it will cost as much to mail the parcel to the USA as the project itself costs. Hoping one day soon. Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent with us. Your work is fantastick. Phyllis

    • Thanks Phyllis it is always good to get positive feedback and am always happy to help once you are ready to get started. Trish

  4. Hi!! trish.I m from india.i really love your creative past time is needle work which keeps me busy and the fact i love being surrounded by colourful threads.I love doing ethnic work and always wanted to learn long and short with fineness.your book AtoZ and surface embroidery has help me alot.

  5. I got your book, Needle Painting, Embroidery, and I just finished my first little piece, ceriese anenome. I love this. I need to use shading better to shape and show forms. I also look forward to seeing more of your work.

  6. hi

  7. hi very beauty full ribon rose im from srilanka plz tell how to make that ribon rose pls

    • Hi Safana it is not ribbon embroidery it is needle painting. You can have a look at my website – the link is on the blog and it will explain more. Trish

  8. Pratima Kapoor says:

    Hi Trish
    I have seen your work before on the net but this is very first time i have come to your beautiful blog. Your work is breath taking. I showed it my husband and he can not believe that it is embroidery and that to hand embroidery. Your beautiful work is such an inspiration.

  9. love the birds ! my loves in life ….

  10. wow! your work is gorgeous! I’m wondering if you also sell your embroidered birds, I would like to have one for in my home. I already send you an email about this as well.
    Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks in advance.

    an admirer from The Netherlands

  11. Ann Conger says:

    Dear Trish, I was looking at the “Gallery” section on your blog and I love the “Bouquet of Flower” model. Where can I get this pattern? I didn’t see it specifically on your website. Your work is WONDERFUL. I love it! Ann

  12. marcia motta says:

    Moro no Brasil, em São Paulo, muito lindo seus trabalhos …fiquei apaixonada…voce também possui livros??? Parabens pelo seu trabalho. Abraços Marcia

  13. Marie-Eve says:

    Hi, I would like to know if it will be possible to have your books in French in a near future? It would be so much easier for me to start! ;) Your work make me dream :)

  14. Ваши работы великолепны и восхитительны! Серия с птицами – наслаждение для глаз и восторг для души!!!Браво!!!!

  15. Bonjour, Je viens de découvrir vos broderies, vos peintures. Quelle merveille. Vous êtes une véritable artiste de l’ aiguille. Vos oeuvres sont d’ un tel réalisme. Merci de nous les montrer.
    Bonne journée

  16. Bridget says:

    Hi Cayce,
    I leave in South of France, I am a sticher and I just discover your works. They take my breathe away, I can’t believe that it is possible to stitch such gorgeous portraits. My son who is 10 years old, saw the pictures with me and said : ” ohhhh, it’s not possible !…” because his eyes like mine, were wondered (I’m not sure for wondered !… Sorry for my english) by your needle paintings. Thank you to show us that everything is possible with passion…
    Have a lot of wonderfull paintings time and thank you to give us dream and beauty.
    PS : Is it true that you have books about your needle portraits, and where to find them ?

  17. Tonie Evans says:

    WHAT A SMALL WORLD TRISH–met you so many years ago and keep following you. Love your birds. So much beauty added to the world. Seems life is treating you well. Will share this site with many. Tonie

  18. Татьяна says:

    Спасибо!!! Очень красиво!!!

    • Hi To Tabitha from Russia – she probably won’t understand this but we have managed to communicate using the google translation! She teaches children embroidry and I hope to do a post soon of some of her work. Trish

  19. Your work is fantastic! This is so beautiful! Sure you are very talented.
    Thanks for sharing these beauties here.

  20. ho appena acquistato il tuo libro, e’ stupendo, non vedo l’ora di iniziare a fare qualche tuo ricamo. ho gia’ fatto qualche piccolo ricamo col punto pittura, ma voglio provare i tuoi che sono favolosi. sei bravissima, ciao francesca da italia-piacenza

  21. When showing people your work, they think they are painted … and hard for them to believe it’s needle and threads!!!

    I feel the same way! LOL

    Your sharing makes such a difference for so many of us (speaking for all!).

    Thank you!

  22. Cathie Karls says:

    Your work is so beautiful. I have been sewing for many years and had the pleasure of teaching a EGA class meeting one of your projects. Some of the class members have limited means. When will you be posting another free project? Thank you.

  23. You want to come over & wipe the drool off my key board?

  24. félicitations , je suis toujours en admirations devant de tels merveilles
    merci de votre partage
    bises de Regina

  25. It is just simply a delight to see your work.

  26. je suis admirative, votre travail est magnifique,
    j’ai acheté tous vos livre et j’aimerai acheter votre DVD , j’habite en France, comment faire ?

    merci beaucoup

    • Bridget says:

      Hello Sophie, je viens de lire votre post sur le blog de Cayce Zavaglia. Vous dites que vous avez acheté TOUS ses livres mais je ne trouve aucune référence sur le net. Pourriez-vous me dire comment, et où, il est possible de se procurer ces ouvrages ?

  27. Truly amazing! You are so talented!! Love your work.

  28. Trish, what size needle do you use most of the time?

    You’re definitely whetting my stitching appetite again.

  29. sorany lopez says:

    verdaderamente espectacular, dios bendiga tus manos. sorany colombia

  30. Your work is truly beautiful.
    Phillipa in NZ

  31. Lindíssimo o seu trabalho! Estaremos aguardando o lançamento de livros.Sucesso.

  32. You have an amazing talent ! You embroidery is really gorgeous.

  33. Julie Barkley says:

    I just wanted to tell you that you do some very beautiful work! WOW!

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