Web cam escapades

Hello everyone and welcome to another week.

This week I thought I would share with you a funny little story about my web cam escapades.  As you know I am researching (which means, eating sleeping and drinking in my life) the best way to structure an online class.  One of the suggestions sent in by you was to film myself stitching with a web cam, so I went out and brought a top of the range HD camera for the job.  This neat little item sits on top of the computer but also has a 6 foot cord so that you can move it about.  It all seemed quite straight forward and simple so I decided to do a test shoot and see how it worked out, well……………………………………………..???!!!

After several attempts with it on top of the computer I realised it was not going to work so I got my husband’s LED headband which he uses for bike rides at night and attached it onto the headband.  I should mention that it has a camouflage trim so I looked very fetching with this webcam and light protruding from my head.  For some reason my head was too far from the stitching so I then tried to attach it to my shirt but no joy there and finally ripped off my shirt and clipped it into the front of my bra.  Now I want you to picture this, I am sitting in my office with no shirt on, a camouflage band round my head and a webcam clipped into the front of my bra –  Not a pretty sight – I know this because I could see myself on the computer screen!


Needless to say you will understand if the online classes are not accompanied by video footage of the projects.  I will however be providing appropriate excerpts from my DVD (which was professionally done by a multimedia company, thank goodness – this is another story for another time).   I admire other embroidery designers who provide video clips – perhaps they have more elaborate equipment than headbands and bra clips for the task?

As far as the top of the range webcam is concerned all is not lost I may be able to use it for skype/ interactive groups or something we will see what can be done.

Have a good week Trish


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  1. Trish, you might want to ask Mary Corbet at She has a lot of video tutorials that are very clear and hepful. I don’t think they are professionally done.

    Good luck. I’m looking forward to your classes.

  2. Trish – I’m for all of us banding together as Trish’s Web Ladies and wear our headbands and bra extras. Who knows what you have started, or the money
    you will make as a result of this new, non-political movement! hahaha

  3. Dear, dear Trish – this really made me laugh! The mental picture is priceless, I know just how awkward it can be at times when we do our step-by-step photography, but this really takes the cake. Have a great day, Anna

  4. Trish, this was the perfect end to my day. Thanks for the ROFLOL! Hillarious! I know you must have been quite frustrated, but it must make you feel better about it to know that you gave so many of us a laugh.

  5. Oh, Trish, I do really love your sense of humor!!! Thanks for sharing your very human efforts with us – bless you!

  6. Di Van Niekirk is another stitcher (ribbon embroidery) that does a heap of videos (on YouTube) if you’d like another advisee.

    Your post was hilarious! Thank you for trying so hard to get some video across to us!

  7. Hi Trish

    Well I am still laughing!! Best email I have read in a while.

    Unfortunately I have not really got any practical solutions. I have noticed that Helen Stevens has put some stitch along videos on facebook, you can reach them from her web pages.

    regards Pam in the uk

  8. My suggestion about Mary Corbet was already suggested … now I don’t know what to say.

    Hmmm, perhaps if you got on a bicycle with your headband and lighted bra, with needle and thread and fabric in hand, your husband would video tape you on your ride.

    I’m laughing at the visual! LOL See you at the finish line!!

    1. Yes we could call it STITCH AS YOU GO CLASSES ! Might lower the tone of the neighbourhood for my husband though, not sure if he could face the neighbours once they saw us parading around on our bikes – They would definately think we were a bit “off” as Cathy says below.

  9. Hi Trishy. What a laugh I am having. Are you sure that your camera on your computer was not operating at the same time as you were trying to film yourself. Now that would cause a stir in the stitching community. Thanks for the giggle. Hugs to you. Linda

  10. I had to laugh about this story. Could see it all before my eyes.
    Properly speaking it would be a nice idea to see you stitching. Anyhow, it would be
    of great help to me

  11. What a story! I laughed so hard, I finally had to read it to my husband…he didn’t laugh so hard. I think he thought it was a stitcher thing????? He thinks we are all a little off.
    He is around 5 of us most of the time and we do a lot of giggling!

  12. Heavens, what a picture! The things we do for stitching!

    You might ask Mary Corbet (Needle’n’ how she does it, if you
    still want to use video…

    1. Thanks Rachel I have been in touch with Mary, but she has been doing it for many years and has the gadgets and the know how. I will leave it to the experts for now and concentrate on the academics!

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