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There seems to be some confusion about my previous post stating that the waiting list is now full for the June online course.  Those of you who emailed me have been put on the list and a place is reserved for you.  You will have received an email from me stating that your name has been put on the list.  Registration opens on the 30th May and I will contact you to confirm details prior to this date.  Have a good evening.  Trish

3 thoughts on “Course waiting list”

  1. Hi Trish

    I spoke to you about the previous class and you said that I would be notified when the class for June was available. However I have not received any notification and it seems like I have missed the class again. Please could you put me on the waiting list, I would really appreciate that.

  2. Dear Trish,
    On March 20th, I sent you a mail and you answered the same day telling me you were going to keep me posted on your blog (I was asking you to put me on your waiting list for the next course). Does this mean I am on the list for the coming course ? Sorry but I am a bit confused and don’t understand what your answer means
    Kind regards, Catherine

  3. Dear Trish,

    Please can you put my on the waiting list.
    I really would like to learn this.
    I have ofcourse already tryed to make something, but is is not easy!!

    Anna from the Netherlands

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