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Hope your week is going well where does the time go to, before we know it, Christmas will be upon us!  Last week we discussed Linen fabric and this week continues with other fabric for embroidery.  To read the full article click  here FABRIC OTHER

I have a few exciting additions to the product range which may give you some ideas for early Christmas presents.  Last posting for overseas orders will be on the  30th November to allow for the Season’s rush and I will then be taking some time off for the Holidays:).    I have had a spring clean on my website and we have developed a cleaner, simpler shop page which I hope you will find more user friendly.  I would love your feedback on the new shop page and of course the new products.  Your opinion does matter to me,  so if there is anything you would like to see, or anything you don’t want to see please let me know.

We have come into the 21st century but borrowed from centuries past with this charming,  little DVD/CD wallet – not only is it so much more compact than the previous plastic case but saves a lot on postage which means a cost savings for you.  My clever and creative daughter (and I do love her!)  is a graphic designer, designed  this vintage themed dual wallet that reminds me of one of those old fashioned type toffee boxes that you just can’t wait to open!  The set comes shrink wrapped in clear plastic and of course the compact design holds the discs well so no chance of damage in transit.

This is the cover:


And this is what you find inside:



A friend gave me this idea for a needle case to put into workshop kits.  My daughter used the same design to create these cute little three fold cases – on the inside is a piece of felt with 4 Richard Hemming English needles (2 size 10 & 2 size 9), plus a little story about how needles are made and some info.  It folds up and comes complete with a little velcro fastener so you can use it again and again and of course put your other needles into it.  It did occur to me that they would make lovely little Christmas/Birthday gifts for the needleworker who has everything.  So what do you think would you like to see them available for sale?



By popular request I have designed a new project booklet with not one, not two but three bird projects in.   DO NOT ask me where I get the time or how many trips up the stairs I made to scan the step by steps!   As you know the Kingfisher bird is one of my favourite – the Kingfishers Series 1 booklet is going to be the first in an ongoing series of printed booklets.  So no more waiting 2 years for new books to be published these will be made available as and when time allows.  This booklet has 36 pages, is printed on good quality glossy paper and as requested by yourselves it is an oversized A5 saddle stitched book, which means it can be folded back and fits neatly on your armchair when stitching, it can also be popped into your handbag when going out.

The book includes:  The American Kingfisher, Common Kingfisher & Kotare Kingfisher – all 3 birds have complementary shades of colour so could be framed as a threesome.  They are recommended for stitchers who have some experience in the technique.

Kingfishers Booklet Series 1
The second booklet in the series comprises two old favourites for those who want flower projects to stitch:  Anemones & Pansies.  These project have been re-vamped and now come in the same format as the kingfisher booklet.
Anemones & Pansies Series 2
Anemones & Pansies Booklet series 2
The third booklet in the series will be African Bird Portraits – I am working madly to get the second bird finished and hopefully it will be available for sale soon.  It comprises your old favourite the African Pygmy Kingfisher and a new portrait of a Somali Bee Eater.
All the old projects are available as PDF downloads.  You can see these and more on the shop page here on the blog or go straight to the website shop here.
I received a consignment of Cotton satin from the UK so it is now available for sale in different sizes, medium, large and extra large.  Irish linen is also available in size medium.
I am away teaching next week so in the meantime have a wonderful week and happy stitching.  Trish

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  1. Hi
    you should think of doing a little kit for the needle case – include the pattern for the rose, the necessary fabrics and the needles and then someone can either make it up for their “friend” or they could give the kit as a gift.

  2. Hi
    I think the little needle books would be a great Christmas present – I would certainly look at purchasing several – it just depends on their cost.

  3. I tried the link to FABRIC OTHER and got no results. A statement said it could not be found, I asusme the link is incomplete.

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