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Hello Everyone

Back from a busy few days teaching in Johannesburg, South Africa and lots of correspondence/other to catch up on.  What a wonderful class so receptive – we  had fun and I think they learnt a lot (?) I know I did!   Each class teaches me something new and helps to perfect future classes.  You can see photos and read about it in a future blog post.

This week I am introducing three new booklets. The Kingfisher Series, includes 3 new kingfisher birds.  The African Bird Portraits, includes the Pygmy Kingfisher and a new Somali Bee Eater and Anemones & Pansies flowers.

These booklets are commercially printed on good quality, glossy paper – published in oversized A5 format with saddle stitching so that you can fold them neatly on your armchair whilst stitching and also tuck them into your bag when going out.  There are now 3 in the booklet series and I promise to add more when time allows.  I will be publishing more birds due to popular request, am considering butterflies, someone suggested mushrooms, more botanical subjects.  IS THERE ANYTHING  PARTICULAR YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE?  Please let me know, I can’t guarantee that they will be published this year but your request will be taken into consideration – thank you.

Many of you have emailed asking if the fabric with pre-printed outlines could be made available for the project booklet series and they are on their way to the screen printers as we speak so will be available soon on the website.

For a full listing of all available products Product list

Have a wonderful week and weekend and happy stitching wherever you are.  Trish

22 thoughts on “New Products”

  1. Sun Conures and other birds are really endangered!!

    Here is a YouTube – but getting a photo that can aid in your stitching would have to be through other means! Google Search has such proper authorities.

    Many birds, including cockatoos are endangered. Without artists we would never see some of the birds that are now extinct.

  2. Thanks to all of you for your great suggestions, I have made a note of each one and they will be very helpful when deciding on future projects. Trish

  3. Well, Trish, I wanted people to flood you with requests for a sun conure. I know it’s not a native African bird, but still, it’s a gorgeous little feathered beasty! I absolutely love your birds.

    But then, anything you come up with is always beautiful! Looking forward to future developments!


  4. Hi Trish

    I like the kingfisher series, they are great.
    How about gold finches, blue tits and perhaps a red macaw?

  5. Your designs are beautiful! We have a Chaco Blue front Amazon, a Sun Conure, a Turquoise Conure and a Greencheek Conure. I have looked everywhere for a design but, now that I have seen your designs, I would love to see you design these.

  6. Being from Ohio, I miss red-breasted robins. Red Cardinals, too.

    Hummers are certainly a favorite!! You would do wonders with those little flyers, Trish.

    If more flowers are in the works — how about orchids?

    Trish, anything you design will be gorgeous!!!

  7. Hi Trish – How about a Lilac Breasted Roller – they are such happy little things!
    You are an absolute inspiration to us all.



  8. How about some hummingbirds for those of us in the Americas? We love our fierce little jet fighters and I would love to be able to stitch some.

  9. Dear Trish, these little birds are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
    You asked us if there is anything we would like to see.
    I’d love to see a portrait like the beautiful woman
    you’ve embroidered.
    Best wishes

    1. Thanks Cis that is a very challenging design to give instructions for as I used almost 90 shades of thread but I will certainly consider it in the future. Trish

  10. Hi Trish!
    Butterflies and cute bugs are always welcome. How about some animals? Bunnies came to mind, but also African ones – the big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo and rhino) would make a gorgeous series! 🙂
    By the way, don’t forget about people who already bought the kingfisher kit but fell in love with the Somali bee eater!

    1. Thanks Sam some good ideas they have been noted. I will make the Somali bee eater available as a PDF pattern on its own. Should be up on the website by the weekend. Trish

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