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This week I am posting about a subject that is very near and dear to my heart – something that I consider to be indispensible in the success of our needle painting embroidery, and that is light.  I have proven the theory over and over again that it is virtually impossible to see the details of this fine technique without light – you can read the full article and get some options on which magnifying lights to choose by clicking here. Magnifying Light For Needle Painting.

If you are having difficulties with your long & short stitch or suffering eye strain, chances are you are not using the correct light / magnifying lamp.  I certainly could not do this work without it.

I understand that for some of you these magnifying lamps can prove costly but see it as the investment of a lifetime and one that you will reap many hours of pleasure from.  Still wondering how you could afford this seemingly luxury item, well heres a little story that might help put things into perspective:

An elderly lady of our guild wanted to attend the Ighali Embroidery Convention, which is held bi-annualy in the Western Cape in South Africa, but being on a pension the cost of attending  was beyond her means.  The members of the guild got together and decided to fund raise the amount needed so that this lady could attend, but when they approached her about it she said:

Oh don’t worry I’ve got the money together.  I put a jar next to the bed and said to my husband, You Want It, You Pay!”

On that note have a wonderful week wherever you are and remember Nothing Is Impossible🙂  Trish

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  1. Big Lots sometimes has floor lamps that use the Ott light — and I paid $29.99 plus tax for mine and it comes with two 27-watt bulbs, which last for about 10,000 hours.

    This is a great price and the item is very nice — 5 times more expensive at other stores.

    Speaking my mind — my husband would be appalled at ‘paying’ to make love with me.

  2. I have returned to this article several times – it keeps reminding me that I need some decent lighting in my home – I’m one of those blind stitchers! I am now looking for lighting here in the US as your links take me to the UK. Amazon and Ebay have been a great help. Thanks Trish for your helpful tips.

  3. Not sure if I commented on the Big Lots floor lamp(s) that I bought for $29.99 … each comes with 2 bulbs – 27 watts. That’s 4 bulbs!!

    I have one to the side of my recliner and one in the other room for my sewing machine.

  4. I found an inexpensive alternative – a daylight bulb from a hydroponics shop,. It needs to be 16oo Kelvin, from memory. And a lamp stand with an adjustable swan neck. Total cost = $35. No magnifier, of course, but at least I have good lighting!

  5. That is so funny, Trish! Thanks for the laugh. Thanks for the article on lighting, too. I have a floor model Ott light and use it with the magnifying attachment more and more as my eyes age. I would trade a body part to be able to see with out glasses again. I had such good eyesight in my early years. I do remember my mom telling me to turn on the light or I’d ruin my eyesight. That’s probably what happened to it…she was right, again.

  6. Hi Trish

    Your story made be laugh 🙂 . (My husband said the joke jarred a little).

    I agree that both light and magnification are essential for needle painting embroidery and also make other forms of embroidery easier and more enjoyable. I use a daylight magnifying lamp model D22030-01 for which I saved up birthday and Christmas present money!!

    Regards Pam

  7. The best thing I ever bought for my embroidery was a product called MagEyes. They come in different strengths that you can swap out. I wear them like a head band. I sit under an Ott Light, but I also have a head lamp for those times when I really need the extra light.

  8. That ‘paying’ method might prove a disaster … no other comment on that, except to think of a different method.

    I’m surprised to see how many people read and stitch with lighting that to me is like lights out.

    They say they’re fine, as is.

  9. Ah Ha —light has changed my problem—I can now comment . I agree that light is an important factor in every aspect of light and your method of saving in a jar can prove profitable as I read in a joke once!!!! If you want something badly enough there are alwasy methods.
    Well done with everything and so pleased about the book LOL MUmxxxxx

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