Colourful Christmas

Hello everyone

I can’t believe there are only 17 days before Christmas, it seems to have leapt upon us this year, but we probably say the same every year.  Yesterday I took a whole morning off to do my Christmas shopping – I hoped to get it done “one time” so if you can imagine me racing around the Mall with my trolley filling it up as quickly as possible, list in hand ticking off as I went!  I kept bumping into another Mum from school doing the same thing – she was last seen getting all her presents wrapped at Woolworths (this is a store similar to your Walmart or Marks & Spencers in the UK).  When I saw her later she told me they were offering free wrapping in the store so she took all her presents (even those that were not bought in the store) and got them wrapped!  Why didn’t I think of that I still have to wrap all mine!!

We have the whole family coming from Australia, Zimbabwe and South Africa (all except my sister’s family from New Zealand who are busy moving to Australia) – that equates to about 25 people for Christmas dinner – my house will be full and messy and chaotic but thats what Christmas is all about isn’t it?   What are you doing this year – if you are going to a tropical island somewhere can I come too?


Thank you for the terrific response to the release of the new book and to all of you who emailed me with your lovely comments , THANK YOU, it is really very much appreciated.  Just a reminder that online sales will close from 15th December – 2nd January – next overseas posting will be about 5th January.


I still have a few copies of the book in stock and there is a special on with Speed Services Courier for R55 overnight delivery, so it is not too late to order your copy.  If you don’t get a Christmas copy don’t worry I have more stock arriving in January 2012.


A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of teaching a workshop in Port Elizabeth in South Africa.  I took my friend Merle, who is my trusty but bossy assistant (!) and  Helen who wanted to do the class and we stayed in The City Lodge right on the beach front – it was great to have the company of two ladies who had a great sense of humour and we had fun.   The class was held at Pied Piper shop which is a quilting and embroidery shop in the heart of PE,  what a fantastic venue and such lovely hosts. The ladies in the class were amazing, so receptive and managed to almost complete their project in the alloted time, producing some lovely embroidery pieces.  As you can see from the photo below, lots of laughs were had by all and I look forward to returning to PE at a later date for more classes.

PE class

Wherever you are have a lovely week, hope you get some stitching in and good luck with your Christmas Preparations.  Remember tis the season to be jolly!


13 thoughts on “Colourful Christmas”

  1. Hello from Paris !
    When it would possible to find this book in France ? or in Europe ?
    I have 3 of your books…so beautiful !
    Enjoy Christmas with your family.

    1. I have just purchased your book colour confidence. Well done! Just about the best of its kind on the market. Good work Trish.

  2. I’m really excited, Trish, as Sir has bought me your ‘Beginners’ book for our 12 and a half year wedding anniversary on Monday!=) I can’t wait to see it for real.

    If you want peace and quiet away from Christmas, you’re welcome to come to our place – we don’t keep it!!=)

  3. Merry Christmas from Newfoundland, Canada. Your new book is on the wish list I’ve passed to hubby dearest. Fingers crossed!
    And thanks for reminding me of past Christmas shopping expeditions to Woolworth’s and pictures with Santa in their Christmas Wonderland (yes we had them here too but alas they closed down 20 years ago).

  4. Merry Christmas Trish, your post just made me really homesick, funny and silly really, just the mention of South Africa and I want to come home so badly. We moved to England 3 years ago. I’m still involved in the embroidery world and your book is on my wish list. Embroidery is just so relaxing a pastime. Hope you have a lovely time with your house full, it sounds like fun.

  5. Dear Trish, Thank you for ‘showing us the long & short way!’ You are a great teacher and for those that have never tried l&s should try to attend one of your classes or at least get your books. Have a jolly time with your family. Love Adrie

  6. Bonjour Trish
    Un petit mot de Québec, Canada. J’adore ce que vous faites et je me suis mise récemment à l’apprentissage du “painting” et avec le temps j’y arriverai; je suis dentellière et j’enseigne la dentelle. Après avoir vu la beauté que nous pouvions réalisée avec votre technique, je m’y suis mis.
    Je possède tous vos livres et votre dernier est en commande de chez Amazon; ce sont des bijoux !!!! ainsi que votre vidéo.
    Passer de belles Fêtes avec les vôtres et soyez heureux.
    Micheline Guillemette

    1. Hi Trish
      A small word of Québec, Canada. I love what you do and I began recently learning of the “painting”, and with the time I get there; I’m lace-making and I teach lace. After seeing the beauty we could with your technique, I me is started.
      I have all your books and your last is command at Amazon; These are jewellery! as well as your video.
      Pass with your beautiful holiday and be happy.
      Micheline Guillemette

  7. To all who celebrate Chanukah – HEALTHY and Happy Chanukah – and may blessings be bestowed upon you and yours.

    For all who do not celebrate Chanukah – I wish you and yours the same!!!

    As for the holidays — I haven’t seen my eldest since the beginning of 2005 and there are no plans for that to happen; my son has chosen to not have me in their lives and haven’t seen him since early 2003 – never saw her pregnant – and baby was born via C-Section in her 5th month and died shortly after birth. They have chosen to not tell me they have other children now.

    I spent Thanksgiving in Palm Springs with dear friend and her entire family where we celebrated her 80th birthday and Thanksgiving!!! Great fun and she loved the pictures I took!!

    She will probably invite me to do something – whether it’s with or without her family — she says I’m her sister.

    December 19 would be 19 years that my beloved and I married – so I will take myself out for a lobster dinner — as he would have done — and invite my friend and her beau.

    I get much pleasure out of seeing your designs, Trish, and still plan on buying your latest book, at least.

    Much love to All.

  8. Lovely to hear from you again,I have all your books and I am waiting on colour confidence book .It has been my pet hate trying to match colours .Have a lovely christmas day with your loved ones and thanks once again for sharing your wonderful talent,and your beautiful books .A pleasure to look at even if you never pick up a needle.Sandra

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