Realistic Embroidered Portraits

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This is a quick hello to let you know I have not forgotten about you – work is progressing steadily on the new book and taking up my every waking hour!

In 2011 I did an interview with Cayce Zavaglia.   Cayce was originally an oil painter but when her first child was born she decided to try painting these portraits in thread as she was concerned about the toxicity of paint around a baby.  You can read all about it here: 

I decided to visit Cayce’s website to see what she has been up to and found that she has included several new stunning portraits into her portfolio and that her work is now represented by one of the premier art galleries in New York.   From humble beginnings come great things!

Cayce 1















In an interview with My Modern Metropolis Blog she shared some inside information on the actual workings of each piece which may be of interest – you can read about it here: New Incredibly Realistic Embroidered Portraits.

cayce 5

cayce 2

cayce 4
























I hope you are inspired by these wonderful examples of embroidery as art and look forward to chatting to you as soon as time allows.  Meantime wherever you are be it winter, spring, summer or autumn have a wonderful week and many happy stitching hours.  Trish

15 thoughts on “Realistic Embroidered Portraits”

  1. I had bought your book : Needle Painting Embroidery earlier this year and found your blog mentioned in it. Before your book I had no other way of explaining to others what I did. I have been Embroidery Painting for a few years now. I think your work is amazing and these portraits are, as the previous posts indicate a true indication of your gift . Wow doesn’t begin to describe how wonderful the detail you put into your work. Thank you for the inspiration you have given me. I have previously worked in painting with acrylic and oils this is becoming my new favourite medium .

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Kay – its wonderful that you have been inspired from paint to thread as Cayce was and am sure your work is beautiful because of your artistic background. Trish

    1. Hi Elizabeth the new book is due for delivery mid 2014 – it takes about 6 months from time I send to publisher to print. Sorry but a long wait. However I may give you a few sneak previews before the end of this year. Trish

  2. Absolutely amazing work. How on earth does she find time to do this with a young family! Much love to you all – miss you! xx

  3. unbelievable! even in oil, it is a challenge to work in photo-realism! I’ve never seen this before, and I’m so impressed! wow indeed. Thanks Trish

  4. Thank you Trish for taking the time to add this newsletter. Since I am a new reader I had not seen Cayce’s work. Very inspiring. I have noticed that all great artists ,no matter what media they use seem to have had to overcome some obstacle. Cayce wanted a cleaner environment for her child. Her solution brought about some amazing work.
    Barbara in Texas

  5. What beautiful work this lady does and what a God given talent she has. Truly inspiring. Thank you Trish for sharing this with us. Lots of love to you and you’re family. Love Tish from Zimbabwe now in the uk.

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