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Hello everyone

I am happy to let you know that the shop is once again open!  Thank you all for your patience and understanding whilst we resolved the export license issue.

There are some new items in the shop:


I am thrilled to let you know that the revised edition of the Handbook is now available in the embroidery shop and will shortly be available as an Ebook in the digital shop.

Handbook new

handbook 13

This new format has undergone a complete makeover.  I have worked hard with a graphic designer to provide an attractive interface, improve the layout, add new diagrams, update the instructions and of course all the stitch diagrams have been revised with new illustrations.  This book is a culmination of my experience and offers solutions to many of the challenges that confront us with our embroidery.  This will now be the standard Handbook for the future and an essential reference for Surface Embroidery as a whole.  It is no longer in sections but outlines the techniques for Needlepainting, Whitework & Surface Embroidery in one complete volume.

The new edition includes:

  • Additional information on stitches
  • Long & Short stitch for specific shapes such as leaves & flowers.
  • Updated stitch diagrams, photos and techniques.
  • Using Iron on transfers
  • Printing on fabric with freezer paper
  • Updates on embroidery materials
  • More solutions, and tips.

Handbook new 2

Handbook new 9

The new Handbook is now a light, lay flat magazine style book that can be folded over for easy reference. The new format is printed on high quality Titan Matt paper that is more practical to ship as it is lighter and there is no risk of it being damaged en-route.  You will be happy to see that the new format has proved more economical to print, therefore the cost has been reduced considerably from $19.99 – $12.99.

handbook new 12


Please email me for a PDF.  This is provided as an optional courtesy to those who have purchased a copy of the previous handbook.  I am sure you will appreciate the amount of work that has gone into the revised edition – the amendments are too numerous to condense into a concise Addendum so this will of necessity, only include relevant additions to the previous handbook.


All downloadable patterns in the digital store now include two additional files free of charge,  the new Stitch Guide and Embroidery Essentials.  These are a basic guide only and do not include the detailed information contained in the Handbook.  There will be a few new digital patterns added to the store in the next week – these are exclusive to the digital store and not for sale in the Embroidery shop.


This delightful, fresh new Needlepainting/ Surface Embroidery pattern is now available as a pattern kit in the Embroidery shop, complete with printed fabric, needles and instruction book.  I have listed it as both a Needlepainting and Surface embroidery design as it is a  simple pattern suitable for both those who are venturing into Needlepainting but also those who have some previous experience. The instructions are in the new format.  You can find it here.


jug of flowers


Iron on transfers are now available for the Queen Bee, the Jug of Flowers and all other embroidery patterns.


The original project bags with a print on the front are now available without a print, in plain white cotton for you to transfer your own design and stitch as desired.  You can find them here.

Till next time, have a wonderful weekend, keep smiling and happy stitching.


13 thoughts on “Shop Open”

  1. Please send me the addendum of the revised handbook. My email is Lindaredmond19@

    Thanks so much. Sent from my iPad


  2. Good morning Trish, I am in Edgemead, 7441. Is the shipping method still the same $9.? Regards,

    Claudette Woudberg

  3. So pleased your shop is open again. I have repeatedly visited and drooled and wondered if I am up to giving it a try? So, I am asking your advice…I am a long time canvas stitcher, and modern linen sampler stitcher including pulled thread), but have found wool free hand embroidery to be frustrating and not “precise” enough for me, ultimately looking messy. I realize yours is thin cotton- a totally different animal. I covet your cats, however note that they require previous work in whitework…which I do not have. However, I have done some raised work on a Susan Portra piece a decade ago, that stretched me quite a bit. With all that info, can you tell me if I dare try needle painting/whitework, and if so, what pieces are for a beginner with my background? Is it just going to be an exercise in frustration…i know you don’t know me, but just wondered what you think. Thank you for reading this far, and for your response. All the best in your new online shop…sounds like I need your new handbook regardless of any other potential purchase! All the best- Shore in Nashville, TN.

    1. Hi Shore thanks for reaching out. It is my experience that everyone can do it, but you need to remember that we are all individual and express our art in different ways, so each person’s completed embroidery will look different and that’s ok. I started out with cross stitch and tapestry and went on to surface embroidery so it is definitely possible, give it a go and am sure you will love it. If it does not work out first time, scrap it and start again, like anything you will get the hang of it. If you are a precise worker I would suggest you start with Whitework with colour – there is a free tutorial in the shop here:

      You can find help here:


  4. OOOPPPSSS!!! I did delete this web site again> Not use to the word press as a web site as I look for your name, trish burr . now i will look for word press as your site, pat

  5. Welcome back. Busy on the Owl. Quite the challenge, but, wonderful… hugs

  6. Trish, I may be crazy, but it looks like the graphic on your second page is incorrect. On the leaves with the pink thread, you show it coming up at A and going down at B. The graphic below that with blue thread, your needle is coming up at B and going down at A. I believe the needle should show to come up at A and go down at B. This seems confusing to me. Is this what you intended? Love your work! Marty Anderson

    Sent from my iPad


    1. The second diagram is upside down as you work away from you in the second row. It will make sense if you look at all the other long and short diagrams in the book which explain this more fully. Trish

      Sent from my iPhone


  7. Hello Trish

    I would appreciate ‘The Addenum’ as I have purchased the original handbook previously. Thank you for your consideration of those who have previously purchase the original .

    Anne O’Connor Shepparton Victoria Australia


  8. Hi Trish, I would love to receive the PDF of the revised Handbook. I have recently purchased a copy of the previous edition.
    Greetings from Ella Parker.

  9. Hi Trish, I would greatly appreciate if you would email me a PDF of the addendum of the previous handbook. Many thanks, Ellen Stevenson

    Sent from my iPad


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