Double sided Tape

Hello everyone

Just a quickie to follow up on the use of double sided tape for Stretcher frames.  Many of you have asked which type of tape to use and will the tape leave residue on the fabric.

I use Yarn Tree Stitchery, acid free tape for both mounting my embroidery and for the stretcher frames.  It is made specifically for use with fabric and does not leave any residue when you remove the fabric from the frame, in fact you can lift it and re-position it as often as needed.  The tape that I use for mounting is 1 1/2 inches wide which is a bit too wide for the stretcher frames, but I see that it is also available in a 3/4″ (19mm) width at Framing yourself.


If you cannot source this tape I should think any Acid Free archival, double sided tape will do.  Do a test sample with the fabric and make sure that it comes off clean.

Have a wonderful weekend.





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