Embroidery Survey

Hello everyone

Hope you are settling into 2020 and alls good with you! Please take 5 minutes to complete this simple embroidery survey. It will help me to know which embroidery designs you prefer and what you would like to see more of in 2020 and going forward.

Thanks so much. Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching!


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83 thoughts on “Embroidery Survey”

  1. Hello Trish,
    I like your designs, they are so fresh and colorful. I have stitched several of your designs from your books on a variety of fabrics. I am looking forward to your new book and designs.

  2. Hi Trish,
    Waiting for Kew Gardens book to arrive!
    I love any designs that involve flowers, especially when combined with those gorgeous fat bumblebees (or a dragonfly)
    Thanks for being so very good at what you do!😊

  3. I love to do needlepainting – so anything to do with birds, butterflies or botanicals and even landscapes would be exactly what I love embroidering. Thank you for your beautiful designs.

  4. Hi Trish
    I Never use your fabric, i use a spécial french fabric for needle painting.
    It is radier, it do not mouve, it IS very solide and Help for précision as in the past Time in France.
    Best regards
    Jocelyne Kurc/ l’Atelier d’Ennji

  5. I like textured wall hangings, nothing large, but making a statement. Modern designs, symbols, abs tract flower all are nice

  6. I love your books Trish , thankyou. I aim notfamiliar with your landscapes so have not included them in my survey, so shall have to look it up

  7. Hello Trish, I like birds very much.
    I’m Just looking for one or two of them to embroider.
    Thank you for your books.

  8. I love all your designs, but I’d love to see more cats! Sugar skulls would be awesome! I volunteer for a non profit cat rescue, and I embroider cat pictures for their auction they have 1-2 times a year.

  9. Hi Trish, all your pictures are so beautiful, but I do love your Tuscany landscapes the best.
    Keep inspiring us with your beautiful work.

  10. Hi Trish, I’ve loved your work ever since stumbling across the Redoute flowers (how many years ago?)…Simela at Create in Stitch in Sth Aust keeps your work which is so good… Thank you for continuing to work on creating these stitches to enjoy – much love, Susan

  11. Your work is all beautiful. It is very hard to choose between pieces because they are all stunning.

  12. I like both needlepainting (especially the birds) and Whitework with colour. I cannot choose between the two.
    Both linen and cotton as fabric are good.

  13. Hi Trish
    Well, I’d like to do some little birds too – but I’d like them to be New Zealand birds. We do have some gorgeous ones, although a lot of them seem to be dressed in black (just like the rugby players!) but with bright colours under their wings, or on their feet.

    1. Thanks Elaine yes your New Zealand birds are beautiful, just as your All Blacks are infamous:) It is hard to cater for individual countries when I provide for a global market, but no reason why you can learn the technique and stitch your own beautiful bird! Give it a try.

  14. Loved the Japanese inspired one, please can we have this. Thanks for all of your designs they are a pleasure to stitch.

  15. Happy New Year I hope it is happy, healthy and prosperous filled with many pleasant hours of designing and stitching for you. I love your Needle Painting especially the “village scenes”.

  16. Good morning Trish ~ Although I have done Needle Painting for a few years, I still prefer the simpler designs. I like to use them for Needle Books and put on cards. One of these days (or months) I am going to tackle one of the birds, they fascinate me, so beautiful. I have all your books and a few of the packages of iron-on transfers. Thank you for asking what we want so you know the direction to head with your designs.

    1. It is a pleasure and thank you for participating. I agree that there is always a place for quick smaller designs and will make sure these are included:)

  17. I’ve mostly stitched on either white or cream linen or cotton fabric, a couple of times I’ve stitched on a satin fabric. I would like to try using a dark color, like a forest green or a dark blue, maybe eve black. But I think I would want that project to be on a pre-stamped fabric. I have a light box, but I’m not sure it would work well with a dark fabric.

    1. Thanks Paula. I did some research on different coloured fabrics over the holidays and unfortunately although embroidery looks stunning on dark fabrics it is a nightmare to transfer the outline. The iron on transfers/prints do not show up so this is not something I will be pursuing but you can use a white carbon paper if you want to try it out:)

  18. Trish, I would love to try some beginners needle painting. I am totally fascinated by all your embroidery, especially your birds.I also love pansies and roses.

    1. Thanks Rosaline I will be catering more for beginners this year – I have many roses and pansy designs available as patterns in the online shop – take a look:)

  19. I like printed fabric because it’s done for me. I have traced my own outline when I want something particular. Whitework and whitework with colour are on my To Do list. I’ve only worked with cream or while linen but will use other colours in the future.

  20. It was very difficult to make some of the choices. For instance, I liked the grey/blue linen, but it would probably would not be my first choice. Regarding size, it was difficult to know the difference in size between the small, medium and large pieces. Even choosing between bright and colorful and whitework with color is an impossible choice—both are beautiful and I particularly like the giraffe.

  21. Excited for new things in this new year. Your survey seems to suggest your desire to respond to the changes customers are asking for. Thank you for that!

  22. I ordered your owl design and stitched it. Loved absolutely every moment of it. All your designs are great! I’ve done some of your Needle painting as well as you White work but decided to use my own colours and sometime own stitches – not so clever but I like exploring and challenging myself. Thanks for all the beautiful designs to keep us inspired.

    1. Its so good to hear that Lizette and I agree the whitework with colour designs are fun. Glad to hear you are incorporating your own colours well done!

  23. les fleurs, les oiseaux, les paysages ou les enfants que vous nous proposez sont magnifiques, aussi je pense que même pour nous vous dire ce que nous prefererions, nous est également difficile. si je peux me permettre, ne changez rien et comblez nous de vos merveilleuses broderies et surtout de votre savoir. Un grand merci à vous. Vivement que votre nouvel éditeur translate vos livres en français. Très bonne semaine.

  24. Your designs are beautiful. It’s even difficult to have to pick one from so many stunning projects.

  25. I love all your designs and you work is perfect. So looking forward to your new “Kew” book. I wish it was possible to able to buy white Floche in Uk

    1. Thanks Diana thats very kind – I am also looking forward to seeing the new Kew book! You can successfully substitute floche with cotton a broder it works well.:)

  26. Your designs are beautiful And inspiring. I am visually impaired and depend on your thread color selections to guide my needle painting – often using your designs to practice, then using your color palette for my own design compositions. Thank you!

  27. Hi Trish,

    I agree with the other comments, everything you design is exquisite. My Mother and I both loved your work but never felt confident enough to try before she passed away three days prior to my Father about 21 months ago. As cross stitching was our thing I felt I was not able to continue with it after she passed away so to keep myself involved with stitching I made it a challenge, to help with my grieving, to venture into your designs. Your Whitework with Colour, especially, I fell in love with.

    I have been meaning to thank you, so – “Thankyou for helping me at an horrendous time”. The challenge kept my mind occupied somewhat. I am still struggling to be able to do justice to your designs, as well as your needle painting, which I amaze at your skill but enjoy every stitch. Every design I have finished I wish I could show my Mother.

    So, please just keep the designs, any subject, coming. Perhaps I could suggest for us newbies some smaller, less complicated designs like your wonderful pots of flowers so there is a sense of achievement with the practice that both methods require. I have finished a number of them and am now endeavouring to finish the Gatsby. It seemed small but to get it just right is quite a challenge 🤗.

    Lynne Powell.

    1. thank you for your lovely message I am so glad to hear that embroidery helped with your bereavement and that it has given you joy. That is my aim to spread the love! Will defanately include smaller designs this year.

  28. Hi Trish
    I’m just starting out at embroidery, so I feel inspired but also overwhelmed. I’m probably running before I can crawl but I’d love to learn to do birds x

    1. There is no reason why you can’t stitch a bird – one of the beginner lessons is a little bird and I have often found that students in workshops do better with birds because they are a bit more freestyle! Play around with different options – that is how I learnt, you don’t need to worry if it is not perfect as long as you are enjoying the process and getting some practice it will come:)

  29. Looking forward to seeing what’s coming next from you, Trish! I have to say that I like needlepainting and whitework with color equally, but that wasn’t a choice.

  30. Hi Trish, birds are always first on my list, followed by botanicals. Ive also marked landscapes and Japanese influence would be lovely. Having said that, you know that I enjoy your designs xxx

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