Copyright Infringement

Hello everyone

Please take note of this seller and share it with any friends that make purchases on Etsy – she has copied and is selling illegally many of my patterns on her site ALISA HANDICRAFTS.

As you know this is an ongoing problem which I am having to address on a regular basis. I appreciate your support.

Thank you


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  1. I’m sorry you are having to deal with this. Was not aware of this seller but will definitely avoid her items. I have really appreciated your videos. I’m not so great at TP but I try, and I sketch my own outlines. I mostly do fabric collage and hand embroidery on top of the fabric. Thank you for your work.

  2. Let me key this again. I know that other embroiders and artist have their designs stolen. As an artist in other medias I understand the anger and frustration. If there is a way to complain about this person, count me in. Dawn

  3. I am very sorry that you being targeted by an unscrupulous person. Will gladly pass this along.

    1. Agree with Carol Ann. I love your work, have many of your books. If there is a way to complain, let me know. Dawn

  4. I am sorry that you and your time are being taken away from your time doing what you love!!! This world is getting worse with each passing moment. I pray that in the future people like this pay for what they are doing.

  5. Trish, I am so sorry that someone feels they can steal your beautiful design ideas. I would strongly suggest that you might consider linking to YOUR site, and not linking to hers in this info message. That way, they’ll see your gorgeous pieces and have to work harder to locate hers. I find Etsy very difficult to maneuver. Will definitely keep an eye out for this.

  6. Shame on her. Sad that some people stoop so low as to steal ( that is what they are doing) your designs. Thanks for the notice to stay away from her on Etsy.

  7. Thank you for your comments and concerns. I have been in touch with the seller and she has removed them. It is sad that this happens, but it does not stop me from creating embroidery patterns and hopefully making the world a more beautiful place:)

  8. Trish, I too am sorry and of course will pass this information on. I notice this is another trader using Etsy, another good reason to not use this site.

    Your Bumblebee has arrived, and it’s beautiful. It will be stitched with love, particularly in these sad circumstances. You will probably be unaware of this, but north of Sydney in Eastern New South Wales many beehives have been destroyed because a dangerous pest has eluded our rigid quarantine restrictions.

    Apiarists are being financially compensated but nothing makes up for the loss of so many insects that play such a vital role in pollination and agriculture. Your bee will stand as a memorial for our sad loss.

  9. Apparently Alisas’ one true Handicraft is dishonesty. I’ll remember her site and not order anything from it. Thank you for making us aware.

  10. I just wish people would be honest and not do this!! It is awful 😞. So sorry this is happening 😞

  11. Merci d’avoir partager cette information. Je suis désolée de voir que votre créativité soit plagiée. J’ai bien noté le nom du site à ne pas accéder pour des achats.

  12. So sorry you are having this problem. Anyone who appreciates your work would know that that person selling on ETSY has not been responsible for the designs being sold as their work.

  13. What a complete headache for you, Trish. It is a shame you have to take time from your business and artistic endeavors to deal with this underhanded form of plagiarism.
    Unfortunately, I see this constantly online and in stores an item that was crafted by an artist or crafter and has been featured on a media site has suddenly become widely available in every store. Deeply discounted and made as an inferior product from China.

  14. That’s terrible! There is so much of this type of behaviour! It makes you wonder where is humanity going! I’m with you Trish and will pass the word.

  15. Oh my, but, many of them so amateur. Your work is so wonderful and recognizable. I love your work.

  16. Is there a link that we can use so that we can all complain to Etsy about this seller?

  17. buongiorno trish, sono francesca dall’italia, ti seguo ed ho gia’ fatto alcuni dei tuoi schemi. volevo dirti che proprio in questi giorni, guardando sul sito aliexpress ho trovato tantissimi kit di ricamo tra cui alcuni dei tuoi e sono gli stessi che vende alisa a prezzo maggiorato (rispetto ad aliexpress), e’ probabile che lei faccia acquisti su aliexpress e che poi rivenda nel suo negozio etsy. senza dubbio c’e’ violazione da qualche parte. cordialmente francesca

  18. So sorry, they’ve copied your designs. Given the seller is in China it is a significant problem as Etsy has themas a top seller so I suspect Etsy won’t help either.

  19. So sorry you are having this problem I will certainly pass this information on to my sewing friends.

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