4 thoughts on “first attempt two”

  1. Its been so good looking at your first attempts Trish – It gives people like me the encouragement to carry on, knowing that we are not just born with the needle gift.
    I have recently bought your ‘Fresh ideas for beginners’ – along with the DVD, and I am in the process of just practice, practice, practice.

    At the moment, the place is full of the Teal Blue Petal – I will not move off this one, until I am perfectly happy with it.

    Thanks for your help
    Shelagh UK

    1. I ordered 2 of your bird kits a few years ago and finished one…still need to finish the other one. I always have other projects going and need to go back to my 2nd bird again. I live your delicate needle painting and your kits are absolutely beautiful and I would love to try your apples! Thank you, Trish! I am also an artist and I love to draw and paint, but there is nothing like embroidery!

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