Long & Short Stitch Embroidery

Following on the success of her first book Redoute’s Finest Flowers In Embroidery, the author has produced this book in an effort to explain the technique of long and short stitch in more detail. The comprehensive tutorials are accompanied
by seventeen beautiful flower projects which have been interpreted in the author’s signature style of long and short stitch. This is embroidery as art.

Publisher: Sally Milner Publishing
No Of Pages: 128

Available from Amazon online

2 thoughts on “Long & Short Stitch Embroidery”

  1. Hi Trish,

    I heard about your blog and have enjoyed my first visit. I look forward to reading about your work in this way. I love the magnolia in the header – very happy to realise it must be in this book. Very interested in your forthcoming Shading Sampler, too.
    Best wishes for your books.

    1. Hello Ellaine what a lovely surprise. I must say blogging is certainly a lovely way to communicate I had no idea there were so many people out there and it is good to chat on an informal basis outside of business. Thanks for getting in touch. best wishes Trish

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