Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone

A very happy New Year to you all, here’s wishing you the very, very best for 2017!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas?  We had the whole family from overseas and it was hectic but wonderful to see everyone again.  We had not seen some of our family in Australia for 12 years so it was very special.  The last guests leave in the next day or two and then I will re-stock the shop and open again, hopefully by Friday this week.

Thank you for your patience while I had a bit of time out.  As always a new year evokes new ideas and I have some exciting things planned for you in 2017, to name a few:


The first online video instructions for long & short stitch and satin stitch have been launched!  These are free to all and can be accessed via my website – VIDEOS & TUTORIALS or go direct to YouTube.

These videos have been a long time in the making – initially I employed a professional but as this did not work out as hoped, I made a plan using the light from my magnifying glass and ipad (don’t ask its a long story!)  With a bit of editing they worked out ok and hopefully they will help you to see the stitches demonstrated first hand.



Needlepainting Projects

Some of the project kits have been discontinued to make way for new designs, but all the old designs are and will continue to be available as digital downloads in the new shop here: TRISHBURR DIGITAL

There are some new needlepainting projects in the Etsy store:

Whitework With Colour

A preview of upcoming new projects:  Giraffe with Barbara Streisand Eyes is a new design that will shortly be available as a kit and for those of you who are Katarina fans, I have been working together with artist Jill Buckley to bring you a mate for Katarina, her cute sister  Chloe.  She is not stitched up yet but hope to start work on her very soon.

Magazine commissions

There will be several projects featured in these magazines in 2017, so look out for them:

Inspirations magazine Australia – quoted as the worlds most beautiful embroidery magazine!  If you don’t have a subscription it is highly recommended that you add it to your wish list, or alternatively subscribe to the digital version here.


Stitch magazine UK – considered the most popular magazine in the UK, Stitch magazine is affiliated to the Embroiderer’s Guild and is the essential hands-on magazine for creative stitchers.


Les Editions de Saxe 

This is actually a book rather than a magazine.  It is the premier French embroidery publication in Paris, France, which covers a series of topics or themes throughout the year.  A friend of mine Marie Suarez in Belgium was engaged as editor of a new publication of Les Editions de Saxe, Les Broderies de Marie & Cie and the first issue was released late 2016.



Probably the most exciting news this year that I have to share with you is the release of my new book:

Whitework With Colour.  I received my advanced copy in December and am thrilled with the outcome, the publishers and designer have done a great job!   It has already been released in Australia, is due to be released in UK this month and in USA in Feb/March.  You can pre-order a copy from Amazon.com , Amazon.UK or any good online bookseller.   I will give you a sneak peak plus more details in an upcoming blog post as soon as possible.


Pre-printed fabric for book

For those of you who find tracing your own outline onto fabric a challenge, you will be pleased to hear that pre-printed fabric pieces for each project in the Whitework With Colour book, will be available for sale in the Etsy store very soon.

I will keep you posted on new developments as and when they arise, in the meantime go gently into 2017, keep smiling and happy stitching.  Trish





Merry Christmas

Hello everyone

The Etsy shop is closing tomorrow the 10th December,  but the digital shop will be open throughout the festive season  – you can access it here:  DIGITAL SHOP.

Thank you all once again for your support during 2016 and a  Merry Christmas to you all!  I will be back early January with some new and exciting ideas to kick off 2017.


Till next time, keep smiling and happy stitching.  Trish

Christmas Shut down

Hi everyone

I know you are probably all busy preparing for Christmas.  I have the whole family coming out from overseas this year – we have not seen some of them in 12 years so it is a grand reunion!

Just a reminder that the main ETSY shop will be closing next Friday 9th December and will not re-open till first week of January 2017.  The ETSY DIGITAL will remain open throughout the Festive season so if you have a yen to stitch you can download an embroidery pattern instantly!  The response to the Black Friday sale was Phenomenal – thank you to all!


The cardinal kit will be back in stock on Monday so keep an eye out in the shop.

New Kit Layout A5

Cardinal Kit

It is also available as a digital download here.


Meanwhile, keep smiling and happy stitching (amidst the Christmas preparations).


Black Friday Sale

Hello everyone

I have some news!  Firstly I am delighted to announce the opening of the new DIGITAL SHOP on Etsy as of today 24th November 2016.

The shop can be found here: ETSY DIGITAL SHOP.

SALE:  Secondly in keeping with the BLACK FRIDAY sales worldwide tomorrow there will be 50% off all downloads for one day only.  Sale Starts at 1am central time (approx 7am UK, 6pm Australia) tomorrow Friday 25th to 1am Saturday 26th November 2016.


The items in the shop are digital downloads or printable embroidery patterns only. No items will be shipped.  if you are looking for physical items, kits and supplies they can be found at the main shop here. TRISHBURREMBROIDERY.

The patterns can be instantly downloaded and printed or saved to your PC or tablet. Digital patterns are a quick and easy way of gaining access to a new embroidery project without waiting for it to be shipped – download to your PC or tablet in minutes and you are ready to stitch!


This has been the culmination of many weeks of work – all embroidery patterns for both Needlepainting and Whitework, old, new, discontinued and current patterns have been restored and given a make over.  Each pattern now has exactly the same layout which is presented in a user friendly printer format for both US letter size and A4 size.  The layout is simple, easy to read and easy to print as shown below.

New Kit Layout A5

The patterns are priced according to the number of pages and substance of instructions involved, so you can find quick and easy level ALL patterns and slightly more comprehensive Intermediate patterns they are all there!  Some of them are older patterns that have been discontinued and some are patterns that were never released so are available for the first time.

Each pattern includes a list of the materials needed, a clear tracing outline actual size and a very enlarged photo of the project to refer to for details while stitching.  You will also find a general list of the materials required with the listing so you can see whats needed before ordering.

New Kit Layout A5


You can also have a sneak preview of what the instructions will look like in your download – the layouts will differ according to when the project was designed, older layouts are slightly different to the current layouts as they have changed over the years, but all of them are easy to follow.

New Kit Layout A5

The items are grouped into sections:  Needlepainting: birds, flowers, butterflies & miniatures.  Whitework With Colour, as shown below.  So you can easily find what you are looking for.



The digital pattern can also be comfortably read on your tablet or phone.  The advantage of reading it from your tablet is that you can zoom in on details whilst stitching.



The file will be delivered electronically to the email you have registered with Etsy within minutes of your order and payment being completed. The email will have a link and instructions on how to complete your download.

Dont see it in your email? You can also download your files by clicking on PURCHASES in the drop down YOU menu at the top of your Etsy page.  If you lose your download for any reason you can go back at any time and download it again from your Purchase in Etsy.



I hope you like the new shop and have fun at the sale!  The main Etsy store will close on the 10th December but the digital store will remain open throughout the festive season.

Till next time happy stitching.  Trish


Happy Thanksgiving

Hello everyone

It is that time of year again and I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.  With gratitude in mind I designed this little project  “Grateful Heart”.  This design is a gift from me to you to say Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas!

Lets take a moment to think of something we are all grateful for.  I know I am grateful for all of you, my readers, my customers,  our friendship.   For the wonderful support and encouragement, you give me with my work – without you there would be no Trish Burr Embroidery and I am grateful for it every day of my life.

The project is free to use in anyway you would like and can be downloaded here.


Till next time, keep smiling don’t overdo the turkey, and happy stitching!


Cardinal Bird

Hello Everyone

Today is a momentous day for those of you in the USA – have been watching the elections with interest and know that some of you will be mourning and some of you celebrating?  If you need cheering up there is a new kit in stock – the cardinal bird and blossoms.  I know it is a favorite in the States as many of you have emailed requesting it, so hope you like it.  You can find it here in the Etsy store.


The little bee eater bird was discontinued but is back in stock by popular request, you can find it here  Little Bee eater.

bee eater

Little bee eater

Redoutes sweet peas & little bird and flower lesson are also back in stock – you can find them here , Redoutes Sweet Peas, Little bird and flower.

sweet peas

Sweet Peas

little bird

Needlepainting lesson Little bird & flower

Have a laugh on my behalf.

Thought I would share a little story with you that will either make you laugh or cry:  Every week I cut hundreds of pieces of fabric ready to go to the screen printer – I have a rotary cutter which I use but it is quite exhausting work and can take 2 days to cut about 200 pieces, so finally after years of this, I decided to invest in a fabric cutting machine, like the one below.  I spent many hours researching the right one and with tongue in cheek finally placed my order.  It arrived – I was very excited but said to myself “Trish calm down, go slowly this is a dangerous piece of equipment – you don’t want to chop your fingers off”.  So I was sitting diligently reading the manual and the machine was plugged in ready to go – the instructions said to turn it on and sharpen it before first use.  So I turned it on and POOF, there was a loud BANG and blue sparks flew out – I had cut through the electrical cord!  I was not hurt and subsequent investigation showed that the machine was still in working order although there was a little notch burnt out on the blade so it was making a clunking noise. ……………… needless to say I felt very silly and cross with myself.


Last night my cousin in the UK messaged to ask how the machine was going – she has a very dry sense of humour.  When I told her what had happened she messaged back” OOPS!”  I replied “Big OOPS!”  Then she said”At least you didn’t set your hair on fire”.  She is a dressmaker and explained that she has now invested in a soldering iron but prior to that was using a lighter to heat seal the edge of her fabric/  She was leaning over intent on what she was doing and set her hair on fire!  She had to hit her head against things to put it out and was thinking to herself that thank goodness her neighbor is a fireman.  Needless to say we saw the funny side of it and got the giggles.  My husband and daughter who were watching TV could not understand why I was crying with laughter – their dead pan faces made it even funnier.  I felt so much better after that – laughter is such a great way to make little of something and put it into perspective.

Nevertheless, today I cut a couple of hundred pieces of fabric,  with my machine clunking away,  and have now placed an order with the same company and salesman who sold me the fabric cutter last week, for a replacement cord and blade……….. no doubt he will put two and two together?  I read a review on Amazon where a lady said she “inadvertently” cut through the cord – I was so relieved that someone else could be as stupid as me.

Till next time remember LIFE IS BETTER WHEN YOUR LAUGHING!  Happy stitching.





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