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I will be running a workshop in Verona Italy in July 2017.  SOLD OUT.



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  1. Dear Trish,
    Louise Grimbeek and I were in your class at Ighali in 2014. Louise bought your zentangle bird and needs some help in embroidering it. I wonder if you have put out a DVD on whitework as I would like to give her something like that for her birthday. Otherwise I will order another of your needle painting kits. I wonder if you could suggest one as she is very proficient in embroidery. Are you teaching at Ighali this year? Regards Sandra Kloppers


  2. i have the book that you are using to teach the class, is it okay for me to join and follow along since I have the materials, threads and the book, “Fresh Ideas for Beginner”?


  3. I received my DVD yesterday and am about to view it. I am so excited about learning this technique. I waited for the DVD so I would not begin in a wrong way. Please come to se Tennessee, USA for classes. Sandy


  4. Am interested in correspondence course. Please can u advise me when u are ready to hold ur next one. I live in Durban. Do u perhaps have a book that I can teach myaelf from. I already do machine embroidery and have done lots of simple embroidery. I am a quilter fibre artist. Many thanks. Jill


  5. Thank you for the information about the kinds of stitches. I know that somewhere in my house I have a book with all the kinds of stitches in it. I just can’t find it. I have been embroidering since I was a teen, and I am now 68. I will get the one you recommend if I can’t find mine. It is crazy how I can forget these stitches. But I did look up the split stitch on the computer and found out how to do it. Thanks again. Sandra


    • Hello Sandra. All my books include a stitch glossary with the stitches needed for needle painting such as split, French knots etc. If you want a good book on all the stitch techniques you could get the A-Z of Embroidery stitches by Country Bumpkin Publications. Trish


  6. It sounds like you are very busy. However, I can hardly wait to learn what your schedule looks like for 2012. When do you think you will be able to post it?


    • Hi Sandra sorry you are not able to access the classes page – perhaps you can try again here:

      I run correspondence classes about every 6 months – the last one was June – Dec 2011 and the next one will probably be in 2012. I am not sure exactly when registration will open because I am away teaching overseas the first 3 months of 2012 so it will probably be June next year. I will post information on it about 3 months in advance. Best wishes. Trish


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