Transfers South Africa

South African customers can purchase iron on embroidery transfers and materials here:


You can use the currency converter at top of site to see the prices in ZA Rands and the PAYFAST payment system to pay using local card or instant EFT.  You can also use the language selecter at top of page to translate into Afrikaans if needed.

Happy shopping!


Iron on transfers have arrived!

Hello everyone

Just to let you know that the iron on transfers have arrived and are now available in the ETSY SHOP and the DIGITAL SHOP.  If anyone missed the previous post where we talked about these embroidery transfers you can read it here:  Tracing your own outlines.

There is a pack of transfers for all the Needle painting and Whitework with colour designs available in the digital shop and there is one pack for each of my last four books.




Details on the books can be found here.


I have stocked up on cotton muslin fabric  to go with your transfers  and there is an abundance of patterns to choose from in the new Digital Shop, plus video tutorials to help with the technique, so no excuses get stitching!


Don’t forget that there are select Stockists in your country who carry some, or all of the materials needed for your project.  You can find them here:  GLOBAL STOCKISTS.

Hope these iron on transfers prove a useful addition to your embroidery projects. Till next time, wherever you are in the world, wishing you all a very happy Easter holiday, keep smiling and happy stitching!


Digital Patterns

Hello everyone

I have been receiving emails asking where the digital patterns have disappeared to in the Etsy store?  For those of you who missed the previous post announcing the opening of the new digital shop here it is:


TrishBurr Digital Shop.

All digital patterns are now available in this store for instant download, but there is much more!

Iron On Embroidery Transfers

Pack 5 packaging envelope

Iron on transfers for all the patterns in the digital store, plus all the projects in my four latest books will shortly be available.  Keep a look out in the ETSY STORE and the DIGITAL STORE.

Whitework with colour book.



Good news for South Africans, the new Whitework with colour book is now available for purchase and in stock at LOOT.  For overseas customers it can be purchased at Amazon or any good online bookseller.

Any questions please feel free to contact me.  Meantime, wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching!



Tracing your own outlines

Hello everyone

It has been some time since I posted, but that is because I have been very busy working on something on your behalf!  Do you dislike tracing your own outlines?  That slightly wobbly line that you get no matter which method of tracing you use or how hard you try to keep a steady hand – it is just never the same as a nice pre-printed outline?  Then this is the solution for you read on……….

For many years I have been trying to find a company who could manufacture iron on embroidery transfers.  They were used extensively in the good old days – if one wanted to order an embroidery pattern you could order the iron on transfer and fabric by mail order, but that all seems to have changed and they are now only produced by a few select companies, or occasionally provided at the back of a book.  Again many of the transfers bleed when ironed on to the fabric or produce an unsightly thick line which is difficult to cover with your stitching.

trasnfers 2


Vintage iron on embroidery transfer

When I created the new online DIGITAL STORE this year, I had a list of motives that I wanted to achieve:  One of them was to save you the customer on shipping costs and delays, by making my embroidery patterns instantly available.  This was easily achieved by providing a great source of digital patterns , but then it occurred to me that if you were new to embroidery and did not have a supply (“stitching stash”) of fabric, needles, hoops and threads on hand , would you know where to get them and what you should buy?  So I got in touch with as many online shops around the world as I could and asked if they wanted to be listed as a supplier on my site and if they were prepared to keep stock of the materials needed for my patterns.  The result was a list of global stockists who can supply the materials in your own country.


The next problem was how to overcome the problem of providing ready printed outlines on fabric without shipping.  I know many of you dislike tracing your own outline, because I receive many emails to this effect!  The answer of course was to provide iron on transfers, but where to find a manufacturer and how to make them more accessible to you the customer.  This is what I have been working on for the last few weeks.
pack 1

After much searching, and samples going backwards and forwards, and testing out of the samples,  I finally found a company that can produce good quality iron on embroidery transfers with a fine line and crisp print that will ensure accurate results in your stitching. We put them through rigorous testing, washed, ironed, left them in the sun for days and they passed all the tests!    I am thrilled to let you know that very soon in the next week or so these transfers will be available for sale in the Etsy store.  Yes you will still have to wait for them to be shipped, but once you have the transfers in your stash, you will be able to purchase a digital pattern for any of those transfers, whenever you feel like it,  iron the transfer on to your fabric and be stitching in minutes!

iron on

The iron on transfers will be available in packs – so you can purchase a pack of birds & butterflies, or flowers etc, – there is an iron on transfer for every digital pattern available (at present) in the shop.   There will also be a pack available for each of my last four  books and I hope to add to this in time.  For example any of you who are in possession of my new book Whitework With Colour will be able to purchase a pack of transfers for every single project in the book.

Pack 5 transfer sheet


I will give you more detail on the packs when they are available.  I am very excited by this new addition to the collection and hope they are going to make your life so much easier!  Please let me know your thoughts it is always useful to receive feedback.  Till next time, wherever you are in the world, have a wonderful weekend and many happy hours of stitching!




Hello everyone

It is my great pleasure to announce the opening of the new online digital site.   I can’t wait to show you what we have in store – the range has been expanded to include tutorials, videos, patterns, freebies, information on embroidery,  a help section and I nearly forgot to mention that the Handbook is now available as an Ebook!

There are now more payment options, multi currency pricing, international stockists and the store can be viewed in 14 different languages.

Thank you for your patience while we worked hard to make the dream come true of a digital department store, where you can learn and shop all under one roof.

 The doors are open and all are welcome!



Till next time enjoy your visit and happy stitching!


New Shop Coming Soon

Hello Everyone

This week I would like to share with you the exciting news about my new store that will be coming very soon:  Divine Digital Designs.  It is the result of months of work, much thought and many sleepless nights filled with ideas that would not go away despite much counting of sheep!

We are going DIGITAL!  As you know I already have an Etsy digital store but unfortunately the layout is a little limiting in that it only permits me to sell patterns and in time this will be phased out.    In this new Shopify ecommerce store you will find everything located under one roof.



Digital patterns are a quick and easy way to gain access to a new pattern without having to wait for shipping.  The idea came about as I considered a quicker way to get kits and supplies delivered to my overseas customers without them having to wait for the post – I looked into drop shipping and order fulfillment with international providers, but there was too much red tape involved and eventually the idea of providing a digital superstore which would not only provide patterns but the capacity to learn a new skill, emerged.

Before launching into the idea I sat down and made a  “To Do List” , starting with my motives and following up with a list of how to put these into action.  Here it is:


  • To teach others to embroider from home.
  • To provide tutorials that will cater for all skill levels.
  • To provide a flow of new designs without physical stock limitations.
  • Maintain a high standard of quality
  • To make it accessible, simple, enjoyable and doable.
  • To create beautiful designs that others want to stitch. Not just an embroidery pattern but also a lifestyle.
  • To provide everything they need to stitch a project.  Suggest alternatives for hard to find supplies.
  • To provide a happy, personal shopping experience that they want to return to again.
  • Provide value for money.
  • Provide an easy checkout experience. Ensure that they know exactly how to download the file and what happens if they lose it or need to find it.


How to do this

  • Provide digital patterns that they can print at home, via a printshop or view on their tablet/PC.
  • Design patterns that are clear and easy to follow.
  • Provide a good selection of designs – both traditional and contemporary.  Cater for all levels, beginner to advanced.
  • Provide written and video tutorials that cover every step of the process so there is no confusion. Have an explainer video on the process of how to purchase a digital download.
  • Overcome shipping delays and expense by providing shop links where they can purchase materials in their own country.
  • Create a simple, uncluttered shop layout that is easy to get around and also visually beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Easy navigation menus and good product photos.
  • Offer as many payment options as possible and have a multi currency tool for global customers. Make sure the checkout is quick and painless – no forms to fill in.


So lets take a quick look at what you will find in the store and see if I have met all these criteria – If you have any other ideas about what you would like to see I would be happy to consider them:

  • A large range of Needlepainting & Whitework patterns for sale both new and old
  • Easy download & access to files
  • Tutorials & Lessons which cater for all skill levels
  • Free tutorials, including learn to do embroidery.
  • Free patterns
  • Free video tutorials
  • How to videos
  • Shop supplies – a list of worldwide suppliers of materials right on your doorstep
  • Ebooks
  • Multi currency options- see prices in your own currency
  • Express checkout option.
  • More payment options for both Overseas and local customers

All this is available to you, without you ever having to leave the store.  I like to think that we are moving from a stall in the marketplace to our own store with a private entrance – it is easy to access, has good parking and once you are inside you will find everything you need in a lovely clean, serene, space – with airconditioning of course!  If I could add a coffe shop I would do that too 🙂   My daughter Stacey, who is a graphic designer in London, and I have been working together to make this dream come true, to create a perfect shopping experience where you can browse through the patterns or learn a new skill, without annoying pop ups and ads!

Of course this does not mean that you will not be able to purchase physical kits, materials etc through the Etsy store, its all still there and can be accessed from within the new store. I cant wait to open the doors and show you whats inside.  Keep watching this space for the launch and meantime, have a wonderful week, keep smiling and happy stitching.


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