New patterns

Hello everyone

Hope this finds you well and enjoying the start of a new week, at least Monday is done only 4 more days till the weekend!  As Dame Maggie Smith said in Downtown Abbey “what is a weekend?”


Giraffe With Barbara Streisand Eyes.

The long awaited Giraffe with Barbara Streisand eyes is now available as a pattern pack in the new store.  The pack includes a piece of fabric with printed outline, needles and instruction booklet.  I don’t normally say this but he is too gorgeous, every time I look into those eyes it makes me smile!  He/she was aptly named by a member at our Cape Town guild who commented “he has eyes like Barbara Streisand”!

You can find the Giraffe here.

giraffe 4

The pattern includes the usual step by step instructions.  There are only a few shades of DMC stranded cotton used to create this design.

giraffe 3

Full Kits

You will be pleased to know that I have increased the Full Kit section to include a few more kits which include thread.  Most of you know that I don’t include thread in the kits due to the fact that it is more cost effective for you to purchase them in your country of origin and also that when ordering thread for a kit there is often one that is not available, so it is difficult to keep stock of the required threads, but for those who prefer to have thread included here they are:  they include everything you need to stitch the project all you need to provide is your own hoop.

azure 2

An old favorite has been re-stitched and given a face lift – the Azure Butterfly in needlepainting is now available with thread here.


Spring in a teacup in whitework is  a new design  based on the larger Flowers in a teacup.  Full of fresh promise in lovely shades of teal, blue, lemon and gold, it is Now available here.

The complete lessons have also been given fresh packaging and updated instructions and are back in stock with thread included.


Lesson in miniature embroidery:  Vintage Robin and Pansy can be found here:


and Lesson in Miniature Needlepainting embroidery:  Little bird and flower can be found here.


I know shipping costs are a source of concern for many of you, there is nothing more discouraging than finding that your shipping costs more than the items you ordered? But you will be pleased to hear that I have established very reasonable shipping rates with a major International Courier company and this means you receive your parcel within 5 – 8 days instead of the delay of 2 – 4 weeks as was previously the case with International Airmail.  Depending on your country of origin the cost of International courier is only about $2 more than airmail post, or it can be the same price – see below.

The postal system has been proving more and more unreliable with parcels often getting lost en-route to the customer, and this is a source of frustration for both the customer and myself with many wasted hours (that could be spent in my happy place stitching new designs :)) searching for lost parcels.  Although I am currently still offering International airmail as an option at checkout, PLEASE consider choosing the courier option, it can be tracked online right to your door and your contents are insured, ensuring we all get a good nights sleep and you are happy with your order!


You can calculate the cost of your shipping before you go to checkout by using the Shipping Calculator in the basket.  Choose your country and put in your postal code and it will give you the options available:

shipping 4

Meantime, wherever you are in the world, keep smiling, happy stitching and remember:

“Embroidery forever, Housework whenever.”  Trish




Embroidery News

Hello everyone

Hope your week is going well?  My beautiful daughter Stacey in London has given the blog a face lift, hope you love the new look?

The new shop opened with a bang last Friday – thank you to those of you who took the time to email or post a comment on the blog it is much appreciated.  I have to share a funny story with you – perhaps this is not something I should be sharing with the world, but I do think its important to be able to laugh at ourselves?  Before opening the new shop, I checked and double checked that everything was in place and ready to go – then pressed the GO LIVE button on the shop and walked away.  After a few days a customer emailed me to say Trish your products must be selling like hot cakes, they are all sold out?  It was only then that I noticed that I had forgotten to add in the stock…………!!

So now I am back on planet earth you can find stock in the shop here.

This week I would like to share with you Embroidery News issue 86 April 2017 by the worlds most beautiful embroidery magazine – Inspirations, Australia.  They very kindly shared some of my work and included projects that customers had stitched.  I would like to reach out and give you all a big cyberspace hug and tell you how beautiful your stitching is, it really made me smile!

I love the Inspirations articles and newsletters, they are so colorful,  informative and inspiring.  I particularly loved the story about the knits for jumbos if you haven’t heard of this it is worth a read.

You can access the article here or click on the image.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, keep smiling and happy stitching.






New Shop Opening

Hello everyone

I appreciate your patience during the period that the Etsy store has been closed and we have moved across to the new store.  We are just putting the finishing touches in place, (there always seems to be something that causes a delay) but I am pleased to let you know that the new store will open this Friday 12th May.

For those of you who are on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter please put out the word on my behalf as it is not always possible to reach everyone through the blog! Thank you.

You can access the new store here:  TRISH BURR EMBROIDERY SHOP

Whats new in the store?

The new store is an embroidery haven with a shopping and information experience all wrapped up in one.  It is configured to be accessible from your PC, tablet or phone and for those who are not so tech savvy shopping online is easier than ever!  Here are a few features you will find when visiting the site:



All items for sale are easy to navigate under one menu and includes:  Needle painting and Whitework with colour pattern packs, iron on transfers, more full kits and lessons, fabric, floche and needles, book projects, handbook, DVD,  gift cards and other supplies.


Here you can find out more about Needle painting & Whitework embroidery, lessons, free tutorials and how to care for your embroidery.


There is a new section with information on all my published books and where to find them.


Short video tutorials on aspects of Needle Painting and Whitework with colour/


Help topics such as where to start if you are new to embroidery,  information on fabric, threads, needles, how to use the iron on transfers, shipping, payments etc.  If you have a question the answer will be there.  (if its not you can shout at me!)


I have spent the last few weeks researching, pricing and negotiating new shipping options so that you can receive your parcel quickly and reliably.  You will now have the option of Airmail post and express courier.  I am pleased to let you know that we are able to offer a flat rate for express courier up to 2kg so this will make it a lot more affordable.


There is a google translate function that will translate the site into 14 different languages. Although the translation is not always 100% accurate it will make it easier to understand.


No more guess work, you will be able to see the prices displayed in your own currency. Although checkout will display in the default currency which is US$, your payment will of course be processed in your own currency.


No more wondering what has happened to your order.  You will receive regular notifications on the status of your order and real time tracking so that you can track your order with the click of a button.


The new store is linked to the Digital store for easy access to patterns that can instantly be downloaded to your PC, tablet or phone.


You can access the Blog anytime from inside the store, so you can keep up to date with new posts and articles.

Meantime wherever you are in the world keep smiling and happy stitching.  I look forward to welcoming new and returning customers to the new store and please feel free to give me feedback would love to hear what you think!



New Shop

Hello everyone

I hope this finds you well?  I am excited to share with you that in the next few days we will be moving across from ETSY to new premises.  I have been with ETSY for many years now and it has been a wonderful secure platform to sell my embroidery items from (and I thank you for that Etsy!) but unfortunately as the business has grown it no longer meets our needs so I have had to make the rather scary decision to move on to an eCommerce site.


Reasons for the move

This decision has not been made lightly but hopefully this explanation  will help you to understand the reasons behind it:

Etsy is like a market place – the kind you go to on a Saturday morning, where you have your own stall and sell your goods.  You are charged a small fee for your stall and pay a commission on each item that you sell.  When you are only selling a few items this is very cost effective but the more items you sell the more commission you pay and the more expensive it gets.    An eCommerce site is like having a shop in the mall or high street where you pay a set rent every month – it does not matter if you sell 10 items or a 1000 the rent is the same.

mall to

When selling from a stall at the market you are limited by the rules set by the market place, the size of your stall, how many items you offer for sale, how to decorate it etc, whereas when you have your own shop there are no restrictions.

The new shop

The new shop allows me to add video tutorials, useful information on embroidery and techniques, additional shipping services, better layouts, more detail on each product and links to my blog and the digital store so it will be all in one place.  It is more like an “Embroidery Experience” than a shop and you will be able to browse, learn, connect and be informed all in one visit.  I plan to share more on this in a later blog post but for the moment please bookmark the address of the new site – you can find it here:


Etsy Orders

For customers that placed an order on Etsy in the last two weeks – rest assured that your orders have been shipped and you can contact me by email if you have any concerns or problems.  I will ensure that your order is delivered to you safely.

Express Courier

For many months now I have been researching the option of offering customers affordable express courier rates so that they can get delivery of their packages quickly and reliably without having to wait weeks for it to arrive in the post.  I am pleased to say that we have managed to negotiate very competitive rates with a well known courier agent so that this will now be a reality for you the customer in the new store.  You will have the option of airmail post as before plus the option of express courier which means you can track your order online and it will be delivered to your door within 5 – 8 days!

I look forward to welcoming you to the new shop very soon.  In the meantime wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching!



We are moving from Etsy

Hello everyone

This is just a quick note to let you know that we are moving from Etsy to a new store in the next few days.  You can find the new store here:



Please get onto the grape vine (Facebook, Instagram,  email, messaging, forums, blog posts etc) and spread the word.   THANK YOU!



Transfers South Africa

South African customers can purchase iron on embroidery transfers and materials here:


You can use the currency converter at top of site to see the prices in ZA Rands and the PAYFAST payment system to pay using local card or instant EFT.  You can also use the language selecter at top of page to translate into Afrikaans if needed.

Happy shopping!