Provencal & Campagne Updates

Hello Everyone and a happy Monday morning!

The popular Provencal & Campagne Landscape PDF digital patterns have been given a face lift. The outlines have been re-drawn and slightly increased in size for your convenience. The layout has been amended to reflect an easier interface to follow and the stitch glossary has been updated.

Provencal Landscape


Campagne Landscape

Campagne landscape digital pattern

If you have ordered this PDF pattern recently you should receive an update by email.

Have a wonderful week and happy stitching.



New DMC Floss

Hello everyone

How are you, hope your week is going well and you are getting in some stitching time?


Many of you have emailed stating that you cannot find some of the thread numbers for the new embroidery pattern: Tuscan landscape, so I thought it was time I introduced you to the new shades in the DMC floss range.

These shades are DMC floss colours Number 1 – 35 that were released last year. They are now readily available and most needlework shops should have stock of them you can find more information on the DMC site.

There are some gorgeous new vibrant colours that I plan to use in many future patterns so stock up!!

Image courtesy of Stitched Modern.


Recently I added options to each PDF pattern for your convenience – so you will see there is an option to purchase:


But this seems to have caused some confusion for some customers who click on the wrong option and then dont receive what they thought they had ordered! A PDF pattern is a digital pattern which you buy online and it is instantly sent to you by email. You can find more information here on PDF patterns:

  1. What is a PDF Pattern
  2. How do I download a PDF pattern
  3. And lots more info in the Help & Support center.

The Iron on transfer is an optional extra to go with the PDF pattern. This will need to be shipped to you. For some patterns there is also an option to purchase the printed booklet of the pattern – this will also be shipped. If you are not sure please check your order receipt to make sure you are getting exactly what you ordered – we are always happy to help so please email us using the contact form on the site and someone will get right back to you.

There are over 100 PDF patterns to choose from on the site – either Needlepainting, Whitework with colour or Tutorials , you can find them under EMBROIDERY SHOP – DIGITAL PDF PATTERNS.

Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching !



Calling Australian Students

Hello everyone in Australia

I am hoping to attend the BATB convention in 2020 – and my proposal is due for submission at the end of April so time is of the essence. I would like some ideas on what you would like to see for a 2 day class project. I have been going backwards and forwards trying to decide between, birds, flowers etc, so decided to put the question to you. Please comment on this blog post with your reply – as time is limited I will only consider replies received in the next 7 days. If you could answer A, B or C (not all 3!) thanks so much for your help.

Question what would you like to see in a Needlepainting class project:

  • (A) Bird
  • (B) Botanical flower
  • (C) Bird & flower

Have a lovely day



Tuscan Landscape Pattern

Hello everyone

Please forgive me for neglecting you the last few weeks, we have been doing the photo shoot for the new book and it has been a very busy time. This week I am thrilled to announce the arrival of Tuscan Landscape. It is now available as a PDF digital pattern in the store together with an optional iron on transfer.

Tuscan Landscape Embroidery

Tuscan Landscape Pattern

As mentioned to you previously I have been attempting to paint my own source images for reproduction into embroidery and this is the first embroidery creation reproduced from my very own watercolour painting! OK so it may not be a ‘Van Gogh’ but the rudimentary painting gave me a basic composition and colours with which to work the embroidery from and I loved every minute of it. The great thing about creating my own source painting was that I could plan where all the stitches would go when drawing it, so much easier than using an existing artwork and trying to adapt it.


I sat with a bundle of threads and had a great time choosing colours and adding textures along the way. You will notice that there are french knots on some of the trees and bushes to add dimension? I took note of what you asked for in the survey and for those of you who prefer to stitch a larger design there is an additional tracing outline included with the pattern in a bigger size. The iron on transfer includes both the actual size and the enlarged size outlines.

Close up of textures

I hope you will enjoy this embroidery piece as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you and keep watching because there will be more in the series to come.

New Book

Many of you have emailed asking about the new book and when it will be published. This is a book commission from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London, UK that I have been working on for the last 18 months. The commission is to reproduce some of their beautiful botanical illustrations into embroidery. Many of you probably know Kew Gardens as a place to visit and explore their stunning gardens and landscapes, but did you know that they have the largest collection of botanical paintings in the world? These are preserved in their extensive library and some are on display in the onsite galleries.

This will be my first publication with Search Press in the UK and although I can’t reveal too much at this stage, I can tell you that it is like no other book I have produced before, it has been a rare privilege and I am very excited about it. The good news is that it is nearly complete, the bad news is that it takes 6 months to reach production stage and go to print so it will not be released till early 2020. I will share more with you as soon as I am able.

Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching!



Shop Closed for a week

Hello everyone

Hope your week has been good? Just to let you know that the shop will be closed for a week from today Friday 22nd – Friday 1st March. This is to enable me to focus on the new book which requires my undivided attention at present, hope you understand?

Till next time, have a wonderful weekend, and happy stitching.



New In Shop

Hello everyone

How is your week going? I know is has been freezing cold overseas, but in our part of the world we have been experiencing heat waves and constant power cuts, which is very disruptive to all things embroidery! As I don’t have much time to use the computer between power cuts this will of necessity be short, but very sweet:).

Cotton Muslin

The white cotton muslin is back in stock. You can find it here.

Printed Booklets

There are several new printed booklets available in the shop. When you click on a PDF pattern you have 3 options: PDF pattern, iron on transfer and printed booklet. The booklet is a new service provided for those of you who prefer their patterns in print, you asked and it was supplied. Not all the PDF patterns have this option but most of the more recent patterns do.

European Bee Eater
Tutorial in Needlepainting.
Lesson in Needlepainting.

Till next time, wherever you are in the world, have a wonderful weekend and happy stitching.


Printed Patterns & Artwork

Hello everyone

Hope your week is going well, weekend soon! A few items to chat about this week:

Iron On Transfers

The iron on transfers pack 7 & 8 are back in stock

As you know there is an iron on transfer for every digital pattern in the shop (except the free ones) and for the last 4 books. So if you download a digital PDF pattern and don’t want to transfer your own outline you can purchase an iron on transfer. They are really easy to use and can be used more than once – I have used mine up to 5 times successfully.

Packs 1 – 9 include multiple patterns in a pack. Once you have a pack in your stash you can download a PDF pattern whenever you like and iron on the transfer ready to stitch. When you click on a PDF pattern you will find a link to the transfer pack that you need for your convenience. We are in the process of adding a variant on each PDF pattern which will make it even easier for you.

Printed Booklets

As you know I discontinued all kits at the end of 2018 but as so many of you have requested the pattern in printed form, I have decided to provide the option of a printed pattern booklet for some of the PDF patterns, so you can purchase either a PDF or printed booklet according to your preference. Many of the PDF digital patterns now include this option as in the Provencal pattern below and there are more on the way.


Based on the results of our embroidery pattern survey, I decided to have a go at creating my own artwork for future embroidery designs. For years I have requested permission from various artists or paid huge sums to license designs and recently I found that many of these artists have licensed their designs exclusively to Cross Stitch companies so I no longer have the option to license them. It has been many years since I picked up a paint brush so I was not sure if I could still paint, but nevertheless decided if I wanted to move forward I needed to give it a try. So I got hold of my daughter’s paint brushes and box of watercolor paints that she uses for school and proceeded to the drawing board. My first attempts were a bit clumsy and a few ended up in the dustbin, but it is starting to come back to me slowly…. I have now painted a few rough sketches with ideas for embroidery patterns. I hope to use them for needlepainting and of course shading is very much in mind while I am creating them. I am sharing some of these with you as would value your opinion: Do you think these will work well for embroidery patterns, am I on the right track with the naive landscape scenes so many of you requested?

Fisherman’s cottage

Lavender Fields in Tuscany

Scottish Loch

Till next time, wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.