Limited Edition Geisha Print

Hello Everyone

Hope you are having a lovely week?  In response to requests for Geisha girl in print I am pleased to let you know that for a limited time only and whilst stocks last Geisha is available as a printed booklet.


As you know I am no longer providing pattern kits but you asked oh so nicely ……. so this is my Christmas gift to you and my printer thanks you!  It does not include fabric or needles so you will still need to provide these and of course you can get an optional iron on transfer to go with.

Au Ver A Soie d’alger silk USA

Cathe Ray of Needle In A Haystack has kindly provided this information on Number 4106 – it is black or noir.  Thanks so much Cathe.

Au Ver A Soie d’alger silk UK & Europe

I know some of you in UK and Europe have been battling to find all the Soie d’alger silk colours for this design – there are not many but it seems that the main outlets are not keeping a full stock so the manufacturers have provided some additional suppliers:

UK :

France :

Germany :

You can of course substitute with DMC but it is really worth considering spending the extra and using the silk for this pattern as it will make all the difference.  I have become very fond of using Soie d’alger it is an absolute joy to work with and provides a beautiful sheen to the stitching.  Many of the botanical projects that I am working on for the Royal Botanic Kew book use Soie d’alger silk so encourage your local stockists to keep a good stock!

Transfer Pack 9

All the individual iron on transfers have been combined into one new bundle Transfer Pack 9 – as per the other bundles transfer pack 1 – 8.  This is a much more cost effective, convenient way of buying iron on transfers as it means you have several iron on transfers to hand and should you wish to purchase a PDF pattern you can get stitching right away without having to wait for the transfer to be shipped.

transfer pack 9

The transfer pack includes 14 iron on transfers for different projects.  If you are looking for a transfer for a particular project an image of each one is shown in the description so just browse through the transfer packs to find it.

Till next time wherever you are in the world, have a great weekend and happy stitching!





Thank you all for your words of support.  The offender has been contacted and asked to remove all content from their site and hopefully this will be resolved.  This is not the first time this has happened and probably not the last but I felt it was important to inform you so that you know where your purchases are coming from.  Please be assured that it will in no way prevent future creations or sales of patterns online, these will continue to be available in the future.

There are a few points I need to clarify for your peace of mind:

Sendowl – this is the company I use to deliver your PDF files.  They are linked to my online shop and so you may receive two order confirmations from both Sendowl and Trish Burr Embroidery.  Please don’t worry if you receive an email confirmation from SENDOWL with the link to download – this is perfectly ok.


PDF Patterns – if you have purchased a PDF pattern from Trish Burr Embroidery  and receive an email confirmation from us you are 100% safe and receiving the correct (original) pattern.

Order #1375837287 on 31 Oct, 2018order

Illegal purchases – If you purchase a PDF pattern and make a second copy to give to a friend it is illegal, you have robbed the shop of a sale.   If you purchase a book and make copies of a project to give to a friend it is illegal, you have robbed the author of a book sale.   If you purchase a PDF pattern/book and give that copy to a friend that is ok because there is only one copy in circulation.

Kits, patterns & Materials – if you have purchased any of these from Trish Burr Embroidery  and it is shipped to you by courier, you are 100% safe and are receiving the originals.  The offensive party will quite often make a photocopy of one of my PDF patterns and it may have DIGITAL at the top of the pattern which should alert you that it is a copy.  My printed booklets are done commercially and made into a booklet, not printed on loose pages.  Other things to look out for are inferior quality fabric with a hand drawn outline – all my outlines are screen printed and permanent, and needles are individually wrapped not loose.  This is what you can expect in one of my kits:


This is just a little dip in the road and will soon be smoothed out, so lets put this behind us and move on with our stitching!   Have a lovely day



Counterfeit Kits

Hello everyone

I hope you had a great weekend and managed to get lots of stitching done?

This week I have the unpleasant task of discussing copyright and counterfeit products.  This is not something I relish talking about but feel you should be made aware of this as sadly, there are many fake copies of Trish Burr products surfing the globe.

The fact is that all my original products are sold exclusively from my online shop and I do not supply the wholesale trade.  If you come across any kits, patterns, or materials branded as Trish Burr from any other source:  shop, market, craft fair, or online shop, other than Trish Burr Embroidery they are not originals, they are not mine.  If you have purchased any of these products I suggest you return them and ask for a full refund.

There is a shop in New Zealand that is currently selling counterfeit kits – I was made aware of this because several customers who have purchased these kits emailed me to complain because they either found that the printed outline on the fabric disappeared when ironed, or the materials are of inferior quality.  It appears they are making copies of my digital patterns and making up their own kits. There are several sellers on AliExpress that sell counterfeits, including a seller from China who sells images of my embroidery on Shutterstock and other stock photo sites.  Steps are being taken and legal action will follow should this continue.

Inspirations Magazine

The one exception is Inspirations magazine who produce their own kits for sale along with the project that I have stitched for a particular issue of the magazine.  These are for their own exclusive use and this has been a long standing agreement between them and myself.

Workshop Kits

I have an agreement with guilds and shops that they may run workshops on my behalf using my patterns for the workshop only.  The agreement is as follows:

  • The teacher should be proficient in either Needlepainting or Whitework Embroidery, be familiar with my methods and have enough experience to teach others.
  • The teacher should purchase a PDF pattern for each student attending the workshop and will receive a refund of 50% of the total cost.  The teacher is responsible for providing a quality printout of each pattern and for making up a full kit for each student.
  • The teacher should purchase the fabric and iron on transfers required for the class from my online shop to ensure consistency of quality.
  • The teacher acknowledges Trish Burr Embroidery as the source of the pattern.
  • The patterns are to be used for the duration of the workshop only and does not give the teacher license to sell surplus kits in their shop/privately.

Book Projects

The same agreement applies to projects that are taught from books – each student should own or purchase a copy of the book.

I am sure you will agree that a lot of time, work and effort goes into creating these patterns and it is really not ok to share, duplicate or make copies of other people’s patterns.  To reiterate – All original Trish Burr Embroidery products are sold direct from my online shop.  I cannot accept responsibility for purchases made from other sources that do not meet the quality or standard of my products.

On a brighter note, till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching!



Geisha Girl

Hello everyone

Hope this finds you well?  I am pleased to announce that Geisha Girl PDF pattern is now available in the shop.


PDF Pattern

Geisha Girl is a premium embroidery pattern, as a lot of time and effort went into the design and stitching of this one, and I hope you will agree that she is quite special?  I wanted a mate for Thandiswa and Gatsby and loved the simple purity and beauty of these Japanese Portraits.  I wanted to capture the silky sheen of her hair & kimono and decided the only way this could be done was in silk shading so this pattern is the successful marriage of both  Needlepainting & Whitework with colour.


She is slightly larger than most of my patterns being approx 13.5 x 18cm (5.5 x 7 inches), but I was so wrapped up in the pure pleasure of stitching her that the additional stitching time went by unnoticed!  There is nothing difficult about this pattern just many different aspects that can be worked on individually, and come together beautifully.



The project uses a combination of DMC stranded cotton and Au Ver A Soie d’alger silk.  You can find a lovely article on these silks by Mary Corbet here. The silk was necessary to create the lovely sheen on her Kimono and in her hair.  DMC substitutes have been provided but they will not give the same effect, so if possible use the silk.  I have provided a list of online stockists in the pattern where you can purchase the silk and I promise it will be worth the extra effort and expense!


Iron on transfer

As always there is an iron on transfer available for Geisha Girl, so you don’t need to worry about tracing the design, although there is also a tracing outline provided for those who feel confident to do this.

Geisha Girl and the Floral Alphabet will be the last new patterns in the shop this year as I need to get moving on the new book deadline which approaches in 2019!  You have lots of stitching to get on with and I know many of you are using the floral monograms & wreaths for Christmas presents, so have fun with that.

Instruction Book
Instruction Book

Till next time wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching!



Clarifying Iron On Transfers

Hello Everyone

Just a quickie to clarify what is included with the iron on transfers.  Iron on transfer packs are available to compliment or in addition to the PDF pattern.  They do not include colours or stitch directions, these are included in the PDF pattern.  So to re-iterate:

  • Purchase a PDF Pattern which includes all instructions and material list.
  • Optional purchase of Iron On transfer to go with the PDF pattern.

I hope this is clear?  Have a lovely day.



Floral Alphabet

Hello everyone

Firstly a big thank you to all your lovely comments and kind words with regards to me downsizing the business – it is very much appreciated and you helped to put my mind at rest!

The long awaited Floral Alphabet EBook is now available in the shop.  I took some time out from the book to work on this one, it was lovely tranquil stitching and fortunately we are going to a wedding in 2 weeks time so it also gave me the opportunity to stitch a wedding sampler for the bride and groom.

Instruction Book

Floral Alphabet Ebook

The Floral Alphabet is a mix of Whitework and Needlepainting – this seems to be where I am being led with my stitching at present, and it is fun!   The whitework bits contrast beautifully with the shading in the Needlepainting and I love the finished effect.  This is available as a PDF download.

floral alphabet 4

floral alphabet 3

You will see that there are a myriad of combinations and arrangements that you can use with this Alphabet?  They can be used for wedding, anniversary, graduation, birth, congratulations, birthday, Christmas gifts and so much more.  This 42 page Ebook includes the following:

  • 26 floral alphabet letters from A – Z
  • 26 smaller letters to use in different combinations
  • 10 numbers to use in unlimited combinations
  • 9 wreaths to use in different arrangements with or without letters
  • 11 pages of tracing outlines
  • Full list of materials required

There are Four complete patterns with step by step instructions for the letters and wreaths and a further 10+ combinations that can be stitched in different arrangements.

floral alphabet 8



Iron On Transfer

There is an iron on transfer pack available, which includes 5 large sheets of transfers for all the elements (letter, numbers and wreaths) in the pattern.


Single Floral Monograms

For those of you who want to purchase the letters (monograms) individually to stitch a project for a particular occasion or person, they are also available as single PDF patterns. from A – Z.   You will receive the PDF pattern for the letter of your choice, plus a tracing outline.  The iron on transfers are not available individually but can be purchased as a set.

floral alphabet 9


Till next time, wherever you are in the world, keep smiling and happy stitching.