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  1. Hello. I teach my students to pull floss which is longer at one end than the other in a new floss. Pull floss out as much as you need, tie a knot at the end, cut behind the knot, seperate the the floss as needed. With the knot at the end of floss in the skein you know which end to start using the floss. OK! I hope this hint helps.

    1. Thank you so much Pat – have posted your hint today and sure everyone will find it very helpful, I know I did! We learn something new each day but the joy is in the sharing. Trish

  2. Thank you Trish for a great lesson on threads. I use both brands and keep on plastic bobbins.
    I knew all threads have a direction as they come from the spinning machine but once in the skein how do you choose which end is the right way? I always wonder.

    regards Maureen

    1. This is a good question Maureen. When you pull the thread out of the skein you will notice that one end always comes out easier than the other – this is the way it has been wound into a skein. The other way will resist and you will end up getting your skein in a tangle (which I do from time to time). It is hard to tell but the main thing is that you use each shade in a project in the same direction so even if you are using the “wrong end” it will still be in the same direction. You don’t need to get in a sweat as to which end is right and which end is wrong as long as you keep threading the thread from the same end each time it will help give you smoother stitching:)
      If you have cut off the piece already mark it with a marker or lay it in a way that you know that is the end you are threading and use this end each time. Hope this answers the question. Trish

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