3 thoughts on “Bird cover”

  1. Hi Trish, I am looking for the instructions and colours for the lilac breasted roller pictured above. I have the pattern from your transfer book! I can’t find a kit for this one anywhere in your blog!

  2. Hi Trish
    Love the new birds and flowers on this blog – have done a cross stitch Lilac breasted roller many years ago but this is even better. Am progeressing with my bird but it is very slow with a lot of commitments lately and I really like the variation with the yellow flower! All looks so good and I just do not know how you fit all of this into your busy busy schedule. Wish I could sign up at Nimble Fingers so I could catch up with you and Coleen. Hope you have a great week but I believe the weather is very cold there meantime – just like here! Go well and always look forward to your new blog.

    1. Thanks Eleanor glad you are getting on ok with your project look forward to seeing it and will think of you in Durban. I don’t think they know what cold weather is there – it is 17 degrees with a bit of rain our average day in Cape town is 15 or less so it will be warm for me! Kind regards Trish

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