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  1. Hi Trish, I have bought the book Colour confidence in embroidery which I absolutely love. I would love to do the little bee eaters as above. The colours used in the book do not seem to be the same as the above picture. ie the tails in the book are browns while the ones above use the green threads which I prefer. how or where do I go to get the colours you used in the above pic?

    1. Hi Jenny you are right, unfortunately it is not the same design. I did the previous one for myself many years ago and did not have the original photo to use for reproduction of embroidery so this is a copy. There were so many requests for a duplicate so I had to use another photo and it did not come out the same. Trish

  2. Your art works are amazing, fascinated me. These little birds seem so real, ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you, I will search more about your art, I wish to learn to do this. With my love, nia

    1. The bee eaters together on a branch are one of the projects in the new book Colour Confidence For Embroidery which is due out in October all being well! There is a little bee eater on its own as a project in the new book Needle Painting Embroidery which was released about two weeks ago and is available on my website. Thanks Trish

  3. I love the look of this thread painting. I looks like you have some threads loose to get that feather image. I am going to buy your book so I can learn this. I have done embroidery most of my life. But thread painting is a rather new concept for me. Thanks for all the lovely pictures.

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