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  1. Hi Trish

    I am from Montreal, but spend my winters (your summers) in Cape Town and we’ll be there on January lst – can’t wait!

    I just finished an African cross-stitch sampler and, with my passion for Africa and animals, I wondered if there’s anywhere in Cape Town to buy the above sampler kit?

    Best wishes

  2. Dear Trish

    You may recall some years ago we were in discussion about the EGA’s Crewel work course, which I passed two years ago. I have now tackled the Counted Thread course and need to find linen-based evenweave fabric for their Step 2 (Assisi) project. Jobelan (which is available) is apparently not suitable since it’s a cotton/rayon blend. Are you or any other reader, able to suggest suppliers of a suitable 28 count fabric in Limpopo Province or Gauteng?

    As always, so impressed with your wonderful work!!!!!

    Marie HIllhouse

    1. Hi Marie nice to hear from you. Congratulations on passing the EGA Crewel course, very well done! Sorry can’t help with evenweave fabrics – perhaps someone out there may respond to your request. Trish

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