Shading Sampler

Hello everyone – I know its been very quiet on the western front and thats because I am working on the final book edits.  Yes it is nearly finished and I can’t wait!  As promised I will give you a preview of what it looks like, hopefully next week when it is safely on its way to Australia.

For those of you who wanted to see the completed shading sampler here it is.  I decided to make it level ALL as it would make either a good learning piece or could be used for practicing the different stitches.  As you probably know in the old days they used to work spot samplers to learn a technique – this design is based on this concept.  The individual motifs could be made up into little Christmas presents, such as a pincushion/spec case or put in a little frame, or done as a whole to make a nice cushion centre or framed in a picture.  

 The design is at the screen printers and should be available for sale next week.  I will keep you posted.  A little surprise for those of you who have requested the little pygmy kingfisher this will now be available in kit form (also next week).  This is my early Christmas present to you:)

Have a wonderful week.  Trish

20 thoughts on “Shading Sampler”

  1. I just love your work Trish. The kingfisher is so beautiful,I am going to have a go at it.Hopefully I can do it as much justice as you.

  2. Hi Trish, I just love your work, your subjects look so real.This style of embroidery would have to be my favourite and yet I find it hardest to acheive a reasonable result.

  3. Bonjour,


    I would like to make the both.

    Jocelyne Garneau

    St-Eustache, Québec

  4. Beee-yooo-teee-ful!! Both are gorgeous. Of course, you know me – I have a thing for birds, and I just love this little guy. I love the sampler elements – so pretty!

  5. Hi Trish,
    I most certainly would like both the bird and the botanical sampler. I will keep a look out on your blog for further details….. Stunning work!

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