On The Way!

The Colour book is on it’s way – it is flying over the seas to Australia as we speak!  It will be some time before you see it in print, there will still be edits and more edits and final edits but the main work is done.  If you would like to know more about the process of compiling a needle work book let me know and I will post an article next week?

As promised here is a little preview of what is to come:

This book is based on my own experience of how colour affects our embroidery, gained through trial and error over the years.  It includes tools for selecting colours, choosing shades that enhance our embroidery, why some shades blend better than others, and the importance of contrast with light and shadow.  There are projects to represent each colour but the highlight of the book will probably be the chapters on Colour combinations and Complementary colours.  These include more than 200 stitched examples with DMC thread keys, plus schemes to help choose colours for your own projects (all stitched my ‘moi’ and yes many many trips up and down the stairs!)

Although based on long and short stitch embroidery the principles could be applied to any form of needlework. 

Here are a few of the projects you will find in the book.  Have a happy week.  Trish

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20 thoughts on “On The Way!”

  1. I doubt one would find such perfection in real life. Your work is stunning. Thank you for sharing these treasures.

    My favourite would have to be the French rose.

  2. Hi Trish,

    It is a long time since I have been this excited about an embroidery book – it sounds truely fantastic! When is it expected for release?

    Anna x

  3. Hi, Trish! I would certainly LOVE to know about the process of editing a needlework book! And since yours are always so gorgeous, I bet you have plenty of experience to share with us! 🙂

  4. Absolutely Beautiful! I’m so excited for you to be at this mile stone and for the possibilities of future projects! Thank you for all your loving labor.


  5. Congratulations, Trish!!! Woooohoooo! That’s exciting! Can’t wait to see it in print. And… the bee-eaters! They’re in there! I’m thrilled!


  6. Hi Trish, I would love to hear about the ins and outs of putting together a needlework book, can’t even imagine where to start!
    Love your work, have two of your books.

  7. I so can’t wait till the book is published Trish! I so appreciate all that up and down stair climbing you have to do for everyone. I love studying color and this book will be great to have in my collection.

  8. Hi Trish

    The book sounds WONDERFUL – can’t wait to have a copy! And yes please – would love to know about compiling a needlework book (not that I will be doing this but it would be very interesting – if you have the time)

  9. Yes, please! As much info as you can be bothered to type up! I’m not planning on writing for needlework (but for language learning), but there’ll be much that can help me, if you have the time.=)

    Lovely pieces, thanks for the sneak preview.=)

  10. Stunning work Trish ! I will be anxiously looking out for this book. Your books are of great help for me as is the DVD.
    I would like to hear something about the process of compiling a needlework book.

  11. This looks absolutely fab. This is obviously one of the 2011 books to be available but the big ? is when. Looks like this could be a real winner. A small point from the last email the Isle of Man is not ‘in’ the UK but very much an island in the middle of the irish sea so very expensive to go to the UK for any sort of classes so the sort of help you can give is invaluable for me. I will be anxiously looking for this book from the UK stockist! Luv El xx

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