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As promised here is the article on publishing a needlework book.  Click on the link below to access the pdf file.

Publishing Needlework Books

I can’t believe that Christmas is next Saturday – we have family arriving this week and a ton of things to do including putting up the tree, wrapping christmas presents and keeping up with my 9 year old’s busy social life!  In between I hope to escape and do a bit of stitching:)  Have a wonderful week. Trish

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  1. OK, I just got to read this properly. Thanks a million, it’s a good ‘reality break’ overview of writing and will be very helpful to me in all the things I’m interested in trying to break into, from doing a ’50 ways to improve your Chinese’ through to a dozen nice oriental design projects in embroidery/appliqué sort of title.

    One thing I would like your thoughts on, if you don’t mind sparing the time and trouble. Now you’re known, it will be relatively easy to get new contracts for books, but how did you go about getting your first title accepted? It’s not such a big deal for my first language title, as that will be written for and trialled on a voluntary teaching group, so I can do it whatever and then send a sample to the publisher whose running the series I’m pinching the idea from and tell them that the book’s all but written, are they interested? With my needlework idea, I’m less sure how to proceed. I can think of a UK publishing house that may well be interested, but what does one send? An outline along with sample photos?

    Many thanks again for such an interesting and informative document, (with no real grammar problems!!!!)=)

  2. Many, many thanks, Trish! I’ve only had chance for a quick look, but I’ve saved a copy for detailed reading later on. Although my projects/subject are very different, I’m sure there’ll be much in there that I can put to good use. Will let you know!=)

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