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Hello and welcome to another week, hope you are all settling back into the way of things in the New Year.

Thank you for all your enthusiasm as to the online classes.  It is not an easy thing to structure but the good news is that I have been working together with my website developer and DVD producer and we think we have come up with a simple approach that will include lesson printouts and video techniques available to both local and overseas students, wherever you are!

There is still a lot of work to do but I am hoping that by the beginning of March these online classes will go live.  I wonder what our great grandmother’s would make of all this?   

I will keep you posted and would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions.   Have a wonderful week.  Trish

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  1. What great news about your on-line classes. Looking forward to be able to do this with you online. Glenva

  2. Oh my goodness! I said no to anymore online classes as I am behind in all but one. The ones I haven’t worked on are not interactive (I will do them one day). I hope you will have some interaction with your students. Since you are my favorite embroidery designer (yes you are), I may have to amend my previous decision about taking another online class. Thanks, Trish!

    1. I hope to make them interactive Julie. Am considering a private Flickr group where you can easily upload your work in progress so that I can see how you are doing my end and give you an appraisal before going onto the next step. I wrote a correspondence course for the Embroidery GUild Of America about six years ago but due to the cost of students having to post their work to South Africa it was never utilised – have an idea as to how the process should work but nowadays with video and pdf files it is a lot more user friendly. There are many ways to skin a cat and I am looking into all aspects so that it will be personal, interactive but also easy to access. The video part is the most difficult to provide so students may have to use my DVD as a guideline for techniques but still researching this. Will keep you posted. Trish

  3. I sure look forward to your online classes as well!
    I will love classes for different levels and, how about a certifications/recognitions after completing an online class/course??? So we can have evidence that the class was in fact taken with you.

    1. Yes certification is something I am considering to give incentive – but it would only be a “Trish Burr” certification and not Royal School Of Needlework or EGA!! Am thinking more of a class project that will cover all aspects from beginner through to more advanced, it would be a longer course but you will reach a higher standard of embroidery at the end of it. Thanks for your ideas. Trish

  4. I would like to follow the on-line classes but when I click on “on-line classes” I get Page not Found. Do I need to do something else, enter my name somewhere, is there a fee or subscription for these classes that can/must be paid on-line? Please let me know. Thanks.

  5. Hi Trish, I too am a beginner but I am very excited to try. I have 2 of your book and drool over your work, its beautiful.
    Looking forward to the class.

  6. Estoy encantada con estos trabajos realmente son maravillosos ,tengo dificultad con el idioma pero con las imagenes me horiento,gracias.

  7. Please begin with this thrillling news at the beginner level and into the intermediate level. I can’t wait to see your lesson and videos! Absolutely Grand news!!

  8. THIS IS WONDERFUL NEWS. Please start with some lessons and definitely some videos for the beginner level to intermediate. Would be most appreciated, as is your art and talents.

    1. Thanks for the feeback Jo will do my best to include both factors. Would you prefer a comprehensive class where you will learn the technique to a high standard from preparation, materials, step by step working of a project or would you prefer a quicker workshop type class where we just work on a project? This question is aimed at all of you who have expressed interest. Trish

  9. Can’t wait – you are my hero and my muse! I don’t live in the Outback or the Wilderness (Greenville, SC Chamber of Commerce would not like either designation), but might as well be for all the embroidery help a girl can get here! My Grandma, who taught me the first thing about sewing and embroidery 60+ years ago, would probably say “oh, my goodness”! Keep up the good work, girlfriend.

  10. I am just so excited that you will actually do this – bring it on! I have at last also looked at the CdRom and printed it all out so am ready to roll. Just need to complete the project I am busy with and I will get to it. Well done – you will see this is going to be a huge hit for those of us in the wilderness that are desperate for your help. I so look forward to hearing more and also your new books! Busy lady!
    Well done.

  11. I would love to be able to take an online class from you. I live in a very small town
    where such luxuries as having a nearby needlework class is unheard of. I will be watching your blog with anticipation!

  12. Hi Darling —even your mother is flabbergasted at the techniques being used —find an easy one for me to use !!!!! All these mod cons are very confusing but well done for inheriting such good brains. Keep upi the good work fo giving so many people pleasure LOL—your mother not your granny !!

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