Correspondence Courses Go Live

Chinese Flower Project - Correspondence Course

Top of the morning to you all, hope you had a great weekend and are ready to face another marvellous Monday!

Just to let you know that the Correspondence course is up and running (finally!) you can find details on my website  Or use the CLASSES link on the right.

Of course I would be interested to hear your comments whether you decide to register or not.  Please be aware that the class is limited to a specific number of students and the first date of shipping will be 7th March 2011.

Have a wonderful week.  Trish

7 thoughts on “Correspondence Courses Go Live”

  1. MARAVILLOSO: es una obra preciosa cuanto tiempo le dedico a ella,los colores estan perfectamente intercalados.

  2. Hi Trish,

    This whole project is just great. Thank you for sharing your talent. I was a fortunately one who won one of your kits on Mary Corbet’s Needle n’Thread. What I would love to find out is what kind of fabric the design is printed on. It is lovely to say the least. Also, what is the count and do you know where I could purchase it in the US?

    Lots of luck with this new venture.


  3. I think this design is delightful and envy those people who will be signing up for the course. I am having a knee replacement op next Tuesday so will have a good excuse to catch up on the kits of yours that I have vying for attention. Good luck I am sure it will be a huge success.

  4. I’ve had a tophole weekend (as our grandmothers might have said!!), thanks! And I don’t mind Mondays, although sunnier ones are a bit nicers.=)

    I think the piece for the correspondence course is lovely and I’d like to work that one some day. Sadly, we have no income at the moment as poor Sir is still looking for work, so I’m not able to buy/spend on anything but absolute needs until that changes, but I will bear your programme in mind. He’s promised me some of his ‘pocket money’ savings from before we went to Taiwan for the year as an anniversary present this year so I can buy a book or two. If your ‘colour’ book is available by June, it will be a serious contender.=)

  5. Well here we go—embarking on another exciting project—–it never stops —-good luck and am sure you will get lovely ladies signing up or even some interesting men—-never a dull moment in your life . LOL

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