Holiday Doodles

Hello everyone and welcome to another week.  As promised here is a pic of my holiday doodle inspired by the vibrant and bright colours of the Sega Dancers outfit and the numerous frangipangi flowers that grow in profusion on the island.  You may be wondering what “doodle stitching” is?  Well basically it is just like doodle drawing except that you can fill your outline with any stitches and colours you want – no instructions needed and it really is very relaxing and fun to do.  I used two strands of dmc cotton so that I did not need a magnifier but could easily see where I was going with my specs – makes it easy to stitch on the go i.e. planes, on the beach in your room, where lighting is not always that good.

I prepared the outline on a piece of fabric before I left and then just added a variety of thread colours to choose from.  I used mainly satin stitch, split stitch outlines and french knots with some seed stitch thrown in – it is probably a bit like redwork stitching but with some elements filled in and others left free.  I tried to keep the elements at the bottom of the design heavier and the ones at the top lighter to create balance and went crazy with bright colours that I don’t normally use in my designs.  It was a welcome relief from the intensity of needle painting and I enjoyed doing it.

The design itself was inspired from the doodles of Blue 67 design which you can view here

I loved the way he said he had not completed his website because he was too busy doodling!

Anyway back to more serious stitching and edits on the colour book are in full swing.

Have a great week.  Trish

8 thoughts on “Holiday Doodles”

  1. This “doodle” as you called it… to me is a delightful embroidery design, is beautiful!
    A great way to remember your vacation!
    I thought you were going to start making simpler embroidery designs for purchase ;-).

  2. These pictures are so colourful and vibrant,they are beautiful.My favourite flower is the frangipani.I am trying to grow one in my garden at the moment,but our winters are so cold and wet they are a hard flower to grow.I would love to have a go at embroidering a frangapani flower,then I can look at my favourite flower all the time.

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