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KITS:  I am busy stitching up a storm at the moment and hope to be able to share some of it with you next week.  Many of you have expressed interest in seeing the Chinese Flower Painting project used for the online course as a kit.  Unfortunatley I am not able to do this as it is exclusive to the course but am working on a series of Chinese Bird & Flower Paintings that will be available soon for purchase (as time allows!)  These Chinese designs are attractive and lovely to work on – slightly realistic with beautiful colours and of course lots of shading.

COLOUR PRESENTATION:  Another thing I have been working on is a slide show presentation on Colour For Embroidery which I will be giving a lecture on here in South Africa in June 2011.  The presentation is based on my new book Colour Confidence For Embroidery which I hope will be released second half of this year well before Christmas.  The book was originally due for release in July 2011 but one can never be sure of the actual date:)  I hope to be able to show you snippets of the presentation in due course.  If any of you would be interested in purchasing a download of the presentation when it is complete please indicate whether this is something that you would like to see for purchase in my website shop (or not).  I can make it available as a PDF file to download or alternatively it could be mailed as a movie on DVD to watch on your tv or computer.

BOOK:  The new book is experiencing further delays at the print house and new release date has been set for end May 2011.  So sorry this is now out of my hands.  The pre-order prices on and Amazon.UK are extremely reasonable and they guarantee the pre-order price so I would highly recommend that you place a pre-order with them.  You are welcome to put your name down for a copy from my website shop and I will notify you of the cost – which will probably be in the region of US$ 25.00.  (ZAR250.00). As you know I have to import the books from Australia into South Africa and by the time I land them here with duties etc they become quite costly.  Of course copies purchased direct from my website will be signed, so the decision is yours:)

I have not forgotten my promise to share with you some info on materials, fabrics, threads etc as soon as time allows.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Trish

11 thoughts on “New Products”

  1. I just bought your dvd on Thread Painting and would love to get the online PDF on Colour for Embroidery. Do let me know how I can buy it on-line from your website as that would be really easy. Looking forward to hearing more about it as I really need something on this topic.

  2. I am definitely interested in purchasing the online PDF for Colour Confidence For Embroidery. Please let us know when available, the cost, and how to go about
    ordering online. I’m sure this will prove extremely beneficial to us embroiderers.
    What a treat. Jo

  3. A PDF Download of your presentation on Colour for Embroidery would be wonderful. I have your DVD which covers a little on the subject, but more information would be invaluable.

  4. Your Color Confidence for Embroidery on PDF is a great idea. I look forward to seeing it.

  5. I would love to have a copy of your presentation. I would prefer a DVD that I could watch on either my computer or TV. But I would purchase a downloadable pdf too.

    I have your DVD The Long and Short of It, and I love it! I’m looking forward to your new book.

  6. A PDF of your Color Presentation would be wonderful. In that form it would be less work for you and inexpensive for us.

    While I’m waiting for the publication of the Color book I’m working on a piece from your Crewel and Surface Embroidery book as a wedding gift. Lots of fun. Lots of challenge.

    Have a wonderful day Trish!

    Blessings, Sharon in WA

    1. Thanks for the feedback and yes a download would save on postage. Wonderful that you are working on a piece from Crewel & Surface which one is it? Trish

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