Screen Printing Dilemma

Little Kingfisher

Hello everyone

Can’t believe it has been almost two weeks since I last posted!  Have been busy as a bee preparing for classes, working on projects, packing kits, stocking up on materials and all that admin boring stuff that one has to do besides stitching:)  We have also completed registration for the second online correspondence course which starts 30th June, some of the ladies have completed their projects in the April course and have stitched some really lovely pieces.  One students work was far superior to mine and I had to eat humble pie but it was wonderful to see such beautiful work emanating from the course.

You probably noticed that our little pygmy kingfisher kit went out of stock for a while – the reason for this is that my Dad went to collect my screen printing from my surfer dude printer and found the place boarded up and locks changed.  Apparently closed by the court.  We were unable to get in or contact anyone so all myfabric with printed outlines on was stuck inside.  Needless to say I was in a bit of a dilemma but then I remembered another screen printer who I had used a few years ago in another part of the country.  He was kind enough to take on the (repeat) work which I shipped overnight – the good news is that the kingfisher is back in stock!

I still don’t have my other printing back but hopefully this will be returned in due course when the court allows.  Never a dull moment in my life and I thank God every day for it!!!

Hope you are all having a good week and getting lots of stitching done or enjoying the warm weather depending on where you are.

Have not forgotten to post the next in the series on materials which will be FABRICS, also I hope to have a surprise for you in the way of some new kit projects.   Till next time.  Trish.

4 thoughts on “Screen Printing Dilemma”

  1. This is my second try—-cant understand why it is not accepting !!!
    Anyhow well done as I said previously all your crisises seem to get resloved and inspire you to even further ideas —–keep going its marvellous LOL

  2. I see that the June class is full but are there any other classes following the June one scheduled?

  3. Your little Kingfisher is so cute and lifelike! I can understand why you sell out of him.

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