5 thoughts on “New design one”

  1. Have you talked with Steve Wilson, owner of Anita Goodesign. He is very very good. I love his designs and very pretty and artist. They are perfectly sewing out. I personally love them. Thanks.

  2. I wish that these beautiful designs could be digitized so they could be embroidered on the machine.. Would this possible for you to get done.
    I think they are beautiful.

    1. Thanks Opal. There is only one person in the world that I am aware of that can reproduce this type of embroidery in machine embroidery and that is Thomas Sjolander of Denmark who does work for the film industry – such as Robin Hood, Les Miserables, Harry Potter etc. He has spent many years trying to perfect it and his work is excellent very close to the real thing, but not quite the same. We have had discussions about it and one day when I get time we are going to work together to see if it can be done. Trish

  3. Hi,
    I ‘m Sarah from India. Wow. What a picture you did. Really amazing. Looks really original. Congrates

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