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New Projects

Hello Everyone.

At last I have completed the new Chinese project designs as requested by those of you who wanted the Chinese Painting Design used for the Online Class.  The designs are at the printer as we speak and hopefully will be available for sale on my website next week – I will keep you posted.

Both designs are included in one booklet.  The booklet is printed with full colour  step by step instructions and is available as a printout by mail or as a PDF download.  You may have noticed that I am offering most kit projects as alternative PDF download for those wishing to save on postage.  For more information on these go to my website here or go to the shop page on the blog:

Have a wonderful week.  kind regards Trish

19 thoughts on “New Projects”

  1. Hi Trish, Your designs are out of the world ! .I love both the birds.Good Luck for your future projects! Anita.

    1. Hi Sue no particular bird that I know of – Chinese art is very decorative but I think it may represent the flycatcher family with the long tail! As you know I normally stitch realistic subjects but feel that these Chinese paintings are a good way to introduce birds and flower combinations to beginners. Something a bit different and colourful – we all need a bit of colour in our lives! Trish

  2. And I forgot to add, Project # 2 is my favorite. Love the flowers and the long tail on your blue bird.

  3. Hi Trish

    The new projects are lovely. I look forwad to purchasing these in PDF as I really think postage is becoming crazy. I must say that these two projects are really going to compliment the project we are doing online with you.
    Chantal (Australia)

    1. Thats good to hear Chantal I agree postage is crazy and then there is the waiting factor………….! Yes they are meant to compliment the design you are doing on the course hopefully you will become so addicted you will want more! Trish

  4. Trish, the new designs look amazing. I’ll definitely have to try them. Thank you so much for the online course. i had so much fun stitching the first design, I can’t possibly miss out on these two. Carol A.

  5. Trish, the new designs look amazing. I’ll definitely have to try them. Thank you so much for the online course. i had so much fun stitching the first design, I can’t possibly miss out on these two.

  6. Congratulatins on these two very beautiful new Chinese Flower and Bird designs Trish!

    And thank you so much for now offering your designs in pdf format. Postal costs have gone up so much the past year, and now, here in Canada, we are into a revolving postal strike, and the expectation of increased rates yet again.

    One question, Trish – when you use silk threads for needlepainting, do you use linen exclusively or do you also use the satin cotton?

    1. Thank you Helene. Yes I have heard that Canada has a postal strike so hopefully the PDF will be a good alternative although there is nothing quite like the printed item but it will be a good option. You can use cotton satin or linen with silk threads. You can also use silk dupion or duchesse satin with silk they go together quite well. I think the Chinese use a lot of silk fabric with their silk threads and it looks lovely. Trish

  7. Trish, you are so talented! The new designs are breath taking.

    Thank you for answering my question about crewel wool nap. I do have another. Can you tell me which Inspirations issues you have designs in? I want to work all of them!

    1. Thanks Lisa thats kind of you. I don’t really remember which issues of Inspirations I have projects in – I normally do one a year and there will be another in the next issue I think – perhaps if you emailed Country Bumpkin they might be able to tell you. Trish

    1. Thanks Elizabeth it takes about a week to design and about two weeks to stitch sometimes longer depending on how much stitching time I have. Actually you have given me an idea to do a post on designing projects would this be of interest? Trish

  8. Hi Trish
    Just luv the new designs and having done (nearly!) the first chinese flower this would be a great one to do sometime soon as it has quite a lot of the skills we have just learnt. Will look into how to purchase on your shop page! It is all just too tempting! Bring it on.

    1. Thanks Eleanor you are well on the way with your technique so should enjoy these projects. They would like good together either framed or as cushions. Trish

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