Embroidery can reach great heights

I know I said I woulden’t blog for a while but I was up at 4.30am this morning trying to get in a few hours of work before getting my daughter to school at 7am and this came into my mail box.  I thought I had to share it with you.

Who says embroidery can’t reach great heights.  At a recent exhibition at an Art gallery here in Durban, Natal in South Africa, the work of Hendrik Stroebel, 17 years in the making was put on show.  His embroidery pieces were based on his travels to the near East, Egypt, Iran, Turkey etc.  Apparently the response was amazing and pieces were sold for as much as R45,000 (equivalent of about US$6,000).  The atmosphere was charged with excitement over his embroidered pieces that had been stitched using one strand of cotton and the crowd cheered and clapped when the artist entered the room.  You can read about it here:

And see the images here:

Wonderful to see that embroidery can be appreciated at this level and finally recognised as art rather than craft!

Have a great day.  Trish

5 thoughts on “Embroidery can reach great heights”

  1. Good morning Trish,
    Incredible work…I looked at the individual pictures and the colors are so beautiful, what a talented person. Thanks for giving us the pleasure of viewing his work.
    France from Canada.

  2. Dear Trish,

    Thanks so much for sharing…going to send on to mom and friends to enjoy! Take care.

  3. My dear Trish
    What a coincidence you blogging about the Durban exibition – I had an email from Coleen Goy only yesterday telling me the same thing and I thought it was amazing and the prices being paid for it were also amazing! Just cannot imagine being able to do anything like that – puts my little efforts completely insignificant but then we have to start somewhere!
    Have a great day.

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