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3 Bird Projects

PDF Booklets.  Please understand that I am endeavouring to make this available in different formats for your convenience – i.e. single projects and multiple projects in one booklet.  There seems to be some confusion with the PDF booklet pricing so thought I would explain how it works.  It costs the same to send a download of one individual file as it does to send a download of a file containing 2/3 projects so yes the files with 3 projects will work out cheaper than the cost of an individual project.

Printed Booklets.  The cost of a printed booklet is based on the printed cost per page so obviously a booklet with 3 projects will be more expensive than the cost of a booklet with 1 project.

Bird Booklet.  Unfortunatley I have to withdraw this booklet from the online shop.  The lilac breasted roller is in fact included in the Colour Book, so technically I am not allowed to sell this as an indivudal project.  Because I have had such a postive response to the 3 project compilation I will try to include another bird project asap and let you know when it is available.  Orders will be fulfilled for those of you who have already placed orders for the bird booklet.  The flower booklet is still available.

Best wishes and happy stitching.  Trish


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