Let’s Celebrate!

New Book

Hello everyone – A few months ago I promised we would drink a glass of cyber champagne together when the new book was released and, well it has actually been released  and is available for sale!!  So whatever you are doing this Saturday night or morning in your country lets make a global toast, not only to the new book,  but to ALL OF YOU who have given me so much support and encouragement,  and allowed me to share my love for embroidery in such a meaningful way.

I am offering copies for sale on my website but you may find it more cost effective to get it from sources such as Amazon.   For a limited time only I am offering 2 FREE pieces of practice fabric with each book and of course I will be happy to autograph copies purchased from my site.

My thanks to Mary Corbet for the book review posted here.  You may want to have a browse while you are there.  If you don’t know Mary Corbet she is the “Martha Stewart” of embroidery, she literally knows everything about everything!  Also her kind words reminded me that I have fabric with pre-printed outlines, available for most of the projects in the book, they will be in the website shop in about half an hour!  Hopefully this will help those of you who don’t like tracing your own outlines.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Trish


8 thoughts on “Let’s Celebrate!”

  1. I am so happy that your book in now available. I had a copy reserved at for approx. 3mo. and I should be able to get it at the beginning of October… I cant wait.
    I purchased your CD and really like it but a book with patterns, YES’ YES.
    I like you site and the help you give all of us.
    Good Luck with your new book.
    France from Canada.

  2. My dear Trish
    Had the daily post from Mary and it was VERY good with lots of wonderful praise for your book – all of which I agreed with. I have spent some time looking at it and there are a lot of wonderful pieces of advice for the beginner – been there and am doing that!! Have a great weekend and I have little doubt there will be bumper sales and now we will all be naggiing for the next one!!

  3. Dear Trish

    I would like to congratulate for you on the new book
    as well as order one of these special copies – actually,
    I’ve already ordered on from your shop & just can’t
    wait to read it ( and stitch of course 🙂 ).


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