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I have received so many emails from readers asking which type of fabric is best to use for Needle Painting embroidery, so as promised here is some information. This is such a broad subject that I have decided to break it down in two categories, linen and other.  This week I will talk about linen – read all about it here LINEN and browse pictures of the different types of linen in the gallery below.  Click on each one to get an enlarged view so you can see the weave.

Irish Linen

Linen For Sale

You may be interested to know, that as Irish linen is not always easy to obtain, you can now purchase linen by the piece in my website shop.  This is a good quality imported (from Ireland of course)  Irish linen which I have had cut and machine overlocked for your convenience.  Each piece is approx. 29 x 29cm (12 x 12”) which is big enough to stitch most of my projects. You can find it here:

I will be adding larger pieces of cotton satin and linen shortly.  These pieces will be about  33 x 35 (13 x 15″) and 46 x 46cm (19 x 19″).

Next week  25th is my birthday, I am telling you this because I am hoping to get LOTS of presents!   NO I am NOT telling how old I am, in fact I have forgotten.  I got stopped by a cop yesterday morning (a speeding fine which is ironic because my family tease me for being such a slow driver) and he asked me how old I was and I said “I don’t know”.  Fortunately he had a good sense of humour  but he still gave me the ticket, even though I told him it was my birthday soon!   There will also be  two surprise additions to the product listing next week  just in time for early Christmas presents- you will have to wait and see!  Have a wonderful week.  Trish


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  1. Its wonderful that you share your passion for needlework and advice that will lead to better outcomes for embroiderers.Thank You,Sandra

  2. Hi Trish,

    Happy Birthday for the 25th, I hope you get lots of presents and have a wonderful day.
    Sorry to hear about the speeding fine 🙁 still your family will not be able to tease you about being a slow driver now). Best wishes

  3. Happy Birthday, Trish, and I hope you have a lovely time. So sorry about the speeding ticket. I hope it didn’t cost too much. Ours in California are so expensive as the state is on it’s way to bankruptcy and really needs the money.

  4. Happy Birthday Trish!.Thank you so much for the information about linen.
    I’m glad to know that there are so many women out there who drives slowly:).My bro’ used to tease me saying that a person driving a bicycle could overtake me……

  5. Dear Trish ,
    Hope you have a truely beautiful day filled with joy and happiness and wonderful things
    Happy Birthday for the 25th Sorry I will be away and unable to send so please dont open this until Sept 25th
    Best Regards

  6. Happy Birthday for next week. I also have a birthday next week but no one is allowing me to forget how old I am this time. All I am saying is that it has a ‘0’ on the end!

    Bad luck on the speeding ticket. We teased my mum when she got one a couple of years ago. She had to go on a speed awareness course. We said in her case it should be ‘Are you aware that your car is capable of more than 20 miles an hour?’. How she managed to get a ticket is a complete mystery to us 🙂

    Have a great birthday/

    1. Thanks Carol Happy birthday for next week – a zero on the end could be 20, 30, 40? Whatever it is must be a big one so congratulations! I like the statement about your Mum’s car that is good!

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