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Hello Everyone

Don’t have time to post this week so thought I would share with you a  humorous incident and give you a laugh at my expense:)  I believe forgetfulness is a common problem in our advancing years but I don’t consider myself that “advanced” so obviously this is something that happens at all ages and stages of life. (?)

Last week before setting off for my workshop in Johannesburg, I set about checking my projector equipment as I do.  Whilst doing this I remembered that at the previous workshop I had a problem with pausing the video on my slide show – I could pause it but when I resumed it went back to the beginning which was very frustrating.  On my return I googled the problem (you can get all answers on google) and found that several other people were experiencing the same problem, in fact there was one particular site where people had written in hoping to find an answer.

To cut a very long story short I found the solution – it was to use my mouse as a remote control for the presentation – it worked beautifully and I was thrilled.  I decided to be a kind person and register with this site so that I could post my findings and thus benefit those others who had this problem.

So back to last week…………….. well I could not remember what the solution was so I went back to google to see if I could find the answer.  I came across a site where others were experiencing the same problem and then I saw that someone had posted a solution.  The solution was to use a mouse as a remote control, which I thought was a great idea and proceeded to try it out.  It worked!  Then I looked a little closer at the name of the person who had posted the solution and it said TRISH BURR SOUTH AFRICA!!!!

Needless to say when I told my husband he nearly died laughing and suggested that we could use google as a tool to conquer advancing dementia – we could have a blog where we posted relevant information such as  “what is my name” or “who is my husband” and then google it when we coulden’t remember.  Something to consider (if you could remember the name of the blog?).

Have a lovely rest of the week and great weekend and happy stitching wherever you are.  Trish

4 thoughts on “Google Thy self”

  1. You made my morning, Trish! Thanks you, I feel so much better knowing I am not the only one doing that sort of totally ridiculous brainless things like that. Anna

  2. Trish — LOL You might be on to something about posting relevant info a person is worried about forgetting. I do think, though, that if you are worried about dementia, you don’t have it. Life is just too busy and info that can be looked up somewhere is just making room for info that needs to stick in your brain. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. stitching hugs, Dawn

  3. This is so funny, Trish! It’s something I might do. In this complicated world we get so much going on that we don’t save memories to long term as fast as we need to save them. Being who you are, I can see this being easy to happen.

    By the way, I just got your new book and I am so delighted with it. Thanks for sharing your skills. The instructions are so clear and the photos are just so inspiring. I buy lots of this type of book. Some of them are just scanned through and put up for reference. Others make me stop thinking of the projects I have going on and occupy my mind with thoughts of trying the projects presented. Yours has changed my mind. Thank you!

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