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Hello Everyone

Packing up for my away workshop this week reminded me that I had not yet posted on the Johannesburg workshop a few weeks ago.  The class was hosted by Adrie Strong at Sew Heavenly in Johannesburg – we had a large class but the big, roomy shop easily catered for all our needs.   What  a lovely, receptive bunch of students  – they all managed to complete their bird and some were moving onto the flower by the time we wrapped up on the second day!  There was even a beginner who quickly grasped the technique, produced beautiful stitching and is now hooked on needle painting,  yay another convert:)

What made this workshop extra special was that my old friend Janie came out from New Zealand and accompanied me on the trip.  I gave her a quick lesson on how to mount your fabric into the hoop in the taxi on the way to the class and then she got landed with all the sales at tea time – being a wine farmer and not much experience with embroidery (but plenty of experience with wine!) she was a bit out of her depth but coped admirably.  After that I sent her off to the shops while we continued with the class – after an exhausting day (of shopping), and very sore feet,  I felt it was only fair to treat her to a nice dinner that evening – she has a fettish for seafood as you will see from the photos!  Needless to say I would not employ her as an assistant for future workshops (:) but it was great to have her with me – thanks Janie!

Thank you for hosting me Joburg ladies and I look forward to seeing you all at the next one.  Trish

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  1. Trish, it was wonderful to attend your class and remind one that fine embroidery is still the best.Also nice to make a new friend.

    Pat Perry

  2. How envious I am seeing all those ladies in such an idyllic place and it is amazing you can cope with so many students at once! I also noted the wonderful patchwork and quilting on the walls which is another of my interests. I am quite envious of that wonderful classroom situation where you meet others who are passionate about the craft – not something we get here I’m afraid. Maybe I will be lucky enough to join in one of these days says me hopefully! – will have to be happy with online which worked so well but there is nothing like one to one in person! Well done Trish I don’t know how you keep up.

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