Colour Confidence In Embroidery

Hello Everone

This week I am delighted to share with you the good news – the new book COLOUR CONFIDENCE IN EMBROIDERY has finally been released!!!

Sally Milner Publishers have done a great job of putting it together and I am thrilled with the result.  I hope you will find this substantial 256 page hardback copy a valuable reference tool and addition to your stash of embroidery books.

Based on my own experience with colour over the years, the book shows you how invaluable the right use of colour is in your embroidery.  It includes a useful reference of over 200 colour combinations, plus ready made colour schemes to help choose colours for your next project and finally a project to stitch for each colour.  Everything is laid out in step by step  formations with examples to support each demonstration.

Here are just a few of the projects that can be found in the book:

I am expecting stock from the UK in a few days time – if you would like to reserve a copy please email me and I will put your name on a waiting list.  The price is approx R475.

The book is currently available from the UK at Search Press click here.  and select book outlets and embroidery shops in Australia.  The USA should receive stock any day now so keep a look out.  All the online websites show the release date as Feb – April 2012 but this is an error so if you pre-order a copy you should receive it within the next two weeks.  I am unable to find out why the release date is showing 2012 but am assured by my publishers that stocks have reached their destination in each country.

If you get a copy please do write and let me know what you think, your feedback is very much appreciated.

Have a wonderful week wherever you are and happy stitching. Trish

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  1. Hi, I got the book of Miniature Needle painting. I need a book of Colour Confidence. Is it possible to deliver to UK within 4 days time ? As I am living in Sri Lanka and my sister is in UK and traveling to SL on 22nd. Pls let me know other books too. A little bit of advanced stitching.

  2. Dear Trish,

    My Great Grand Mother and Grand Aunt have done two needle painting projects framed by my grandfather one is a Hoopoe or a crested pigeon not sure which and I don’t remember the other. I hope to take pictures and show you. The craft remains beautiful even today. When I was a little girl I used to admire the paintings and wished to learn them now hopefully I can thanks to your books.

  3. I hope you are able to release a second printing. I ordered one via the first printing (in November 2011) and I wasn’t able to get a copy. The bookseller (Amazon) refunded my money instead. Of course, I was very disappointed. So, I hope you are able to get the publisher to print more!

  4. Hello Trish, I just ordered my copy and hope to get it asap !
    Any idea when you will publish a book with more advanced projets (I bought the book for beginners when it was published and it’s just great) ?
    Thank you for everything

  5. Hi Trish, Well what can I say!! Your book is absolutely magnificent!! What a lovely Xmas present I spent on myself – I can understand why it took you nearly three years to complete. BUT I can say it was worth it!! You can be very proud of it. My husband never got his supper last night because when I collected it from the Post Office in the afternoon THAT WAS IT!!! I spent all my time just looking through it – Thanks once again – This is going to be a great book to have on my shelf and use it as a reference guide. Vanessa McDowell

  6. Nice to see a ‘u’ in colour.
    Ordering ASAP – been waiting for it eagerly and holding back on buying other books on embroidery colour because I wanted to wait for yours, as I know your work 🙂

  7. Looks stunning Trish.Congrats!Would be very grateful if you could put me on the waiting list for your new book. Regards Leigh Bowker

  8. Hi Trish
    What great news – immediately went on to Amazon but they are only looking at having it in March 2012 – too long for me!! I then went on to Search Press who are sending out within 24 hrs! – a bit more expensive but who’s counting! Can’t even wait for Father Christmas on this one! Hope all is well with you – I bet you are having better weather than us here.

  9. I have seen this beautiful book and am very proud of my daughter. If I was younger I might even consider entering this mystical world of embroidery. I have much admiration for her acheivments and am one of her constant admires. I hope all out there will receive as much pleasure as well as knowledge LOL Mum and Dad

  10. Congratulations Trish. I saw it available for pre-order on amazon the other day and went ahead. So pleased to see it out ‘early’! Can’t wait to try that Kingfisher.

  11. Thanks so much for letting us know that it is due out any day now in the US and Canada. Will keep watching amazon each day and move it from wish list to buy. Perfect timing for Christmas.

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