Fabric Dilemma

Hello everyone

To those of you who expressed dismay that the fabric had been discontinued online it is back in stock.  It is available in size 30 x 30cm in both Irish Linen and cotton satin.

Its a long story but basically I was trying to be super organised before Christmas so put in an order for my fabric from UK  – which would then go to the screen printers in Durban (another town in South Africa).  It all went well the fabric arrived and the screen printing was done a week before the factory closed for Christmas – YAY!   My plan was to pack all the kits for Australia early January and send them over ahead of the classes in February, but the screen printed fabric got lost en-route from Durban – not so YAY!  I pleaded with the Post master to look around the back and check for a big box and also pleaded with the courier company but to no avail it was lost…..

So I spoke nicely to my husband, asked him for a loan and re-ordered the fabric.  It arrived two days ago by Fedex but you can guess what happened next…….THEY FOUND THE PARCEL!

Meanwhile I ordered Irish Linen from a company in UK and they sent the wrong fabric – so it had to go back and be replaced.  But when it arrived the courier company charged me customs duty again – so I had to put in a claim for the additional duty which meant a mountain of paperwork – BOTHER!  What is it with 2012 and fabric?

Needless to say I am very relieved to now have all my ducks in a row – but there is still the small matter of the loan to be paid back, which means I am temporarily being held to ransom, and my husband is enjoying every moment of his position of power:)

Till next time, wherever you are happy stitching.



6 thoughts on “Fabric Dilemma”

  1. Que pesar pero esto pasa en todos los paises,pero de todas formas ahora si puede hacer su proyecto y espero que logre un magnifico trabajo ,EXITOS su labor siempre es maravillosa

  2. Trish,

    What a pile of problems just before you need to get ready and going! But is it not always
    the case when you are preparing for classes. I know what preparing kits and all is to.
    This is funny because I also had to ask for a loan from my husband to buy fabrics for
    classes. It’s all been repaid a long time ago, and thank goodness he was there 🙂

    Have a safe trip and we will all be wating to hear from you when you return.


  3. Offer your husband the fabric as payment for his loan!

    I hope all goes well at BATB, I would love to be joining you since it isn’t so far away but any travel is out the question at the moment. Enjoy and spare a small thought for those of us who are home-bound for one reason or another.

  4. Trish,

    How fortunate they found the parcel ! that is rare in the US. That is why we use insurance.

    Hope you enjoy your upcoming BATB classes, the offering look fun and beautiful. Feathered friends are popular.


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