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Hello Everyone, I missed you!  This is just a quick report to let you know I am back from Australia and wow what an incredible trip and embroidery experience.  If I was Mary Corbet I would have published this blog post on the first night back  (by the way we missed you Mary) but I feel as though I have been to the ends of the earth and back and must admit to still being in the recovery position, but reviving slowly.  Oh and yes my family did survive without me and my husband is now a fully fledged cook and knows how to operate the oven and washing machine which hopefully means he has taken over this job on a permanent basis (?) which means more stitching time for me.

I taught over 100 students between Brisbane and Adelaide – from all parts of Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, Singapore there was even one from the Outback! (you know where Crocodile Dundee comes from).

The students I taught will stay with me forever, they were quick to learn, appreciative, had a great sense of humour and achieved so much in such a short time that I was in awe of them.

I even had a teacher in one of my classes, which was a bit intimidating but she was an absolute honey so needn’t have worried.  Can you guess who this is?

I got to meet teachers from all over the world,  even one of my mentors Tanjia Berlin from Canada , we became firm friends mainly because she gets my humour and we have loads in common.  I am a bit concerned about her adversity to Macdonalds Milkshakes but we agreed to disagree!  There were many others who I have only heard or read about and it was so interesting to compare notes, I certainly did learn a lot.   There is so much to tell that I think I will have to spread it out over a few blog posts.  Next week I will tell you all about the Beating Around The Bush convention which can only be described as awesome.  I know that the team who organised it must be flat on their backs right now, they certainly put every effort into the event and deservedly,  it was a huge success.  While I am about it thanks so much to Sally & Fiona for finding and returning my cell phone to me after the gala dinner, you are life savers!

I hope you are creating some beautiful pieces of embroidery and till next time wherever you are take care and happy stitching.  Trish

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  2. Hi Trish, glad to see you made it back home safely, and that the family survived in your absence. Don’t hold your breath waiting for your husband to take over the domestic duties from now on, I know mine is only too happy to hand them straight back to me!!!

    It was such an honour to be in your Mon/Tue class, and thanks for all your patience. My little wren is nearly finished, and has been greatly admired by all who see him.
    And Jan was a wonderful teacher on Thu/Fri, so I’m sure she was a great student too – there would have been a lot of laughter in the class 🙂

    Fiona, Sally and the others did a fantastic job, didn’t they? The whole team and all the wonderful tutors deserve a big round of applause.
    Hope to see you again in a couple of years, or possibly even in Brisbane if I can persuade the other half to let me go…..

    Kind regards, Karen Scott (the Singapore delegation, LOL)

    1. Lovely to hear from you Karen and such a pleasure to meet you at BATB, as you say what a wonderful event. Good to hear that you are safely back in Singapore and look forward to seeing you at the next event. Happy stitching. Trish

  3. Hi Trish, I was at BATB and did your Butterfly & Blossom Sunday class, which I loved. I also did Jan Kerton’s Stumpwork Toadstools and Pine Needles and I agree with you – she is a real honey. This was my first BATB and I loved every single minute of it! Definitely will be returning in 2014 and hope to see you there again.

  4. So did Jan actually finish the Chinese Flower project while you were there? BATB is too much fun, I was there in 2009 and wish I could go again. You need to come to the US sometime!

  5. dear Trish, I hope that sooner or later you will be in Italy!!!!!!! kisses Pamela

  6. Dearest Burty! Wow,you look like a million dollars my friend love the hair!!! SO pleased to hear you had a good time & enjoyed every moment of your overseas experience. Sorry we never got to chat on the phone but realise you had no time left on your tight schedule – will endeavour to call you sometime! Congratulations on your amazing achievements my special friend & love to all – they will be relieved you are back! xoxoxo Janie.

  7. Hi Trish, BATB was great fun made even better by my new friends from South Africa! Miss you and Hazel and our fun on the lawn. You have certainly opened my eyes to staggered satin stitch, and it was wonderful to spend time in one of your classes.

  8. Hi Trish
    So good to see your blog again and I appear to be struggling to get this comment to ‘stick’ so here goes again. You looked so happy and the new hairstyle suits you so well! It seems like you had a wonderful time and meeting all those new fans must have been great. Just as a matter of interest, the lady in the green shirt – was that Tanjia Berlin? I also get her monthly newsletter and there is always something of interest in it. Always good to meet a fellow enthusiast of stitching. Will so look forward to hearing more about your trip in your next blog. Glad you are safely home again and that you had such a successful trip.

  9. My well known daughter is welcomed home —missed her cheery talk but VERY proud of her acheivements and realise that it will take much time to catch up on all the ups and downs—although there seem to have been more ups than downs . So many lovely experiences and lovely looking people—apart from all the hard work. Well done to you darling and selfishly hope its not tooooooooo soon before you are off again—but oppprtunities to spread your wings will be galore. LOL your MUM

  10. Trishy you look like you had a fabulous time in Australia. Don’t you age. I love the photos of you smiling and all. I’m so proud of you my fabulous cousin. Hugs, Linda.

  11. Hi Trish, yes I can guess, dear Jan is a fabulous teacher. I was one of your students at BATB on Mon/Tues. and what a fantastic class that was, Im am happy to report I have finished my dear little wren and just have to have it framed. I absolutely loved BATB and hopefully will return in 2014, hope to see you there and take another class with you.
    kind regards, Maureen Kannegiesser

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