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Hello Everyone

Following onto my latest book COLOUR CONFIDENCE IN EMBROIDERY it has been suggested that I provide ongoing additional colour schemes that can be used for embroidery projects.  As you know colour is of special interest to me in my work and therefore it is no chore to do this!

So every month you will receive a new colour theme.   This scheme will be based on an inspiration from either a painting, photo, textile, artwork or similar and you will be given the colours with shades of each,  numbered using DMC stranded cotton.  I have decided on DMC cotton as this seems to be the most readily available but have given you a website where you can accurately substitute DMC with Anchor.

I will provide 3 shades of each colour and you can extend these by using your colour chart to include other shades.  These schemes are ideal for long & short stitch where shading is used,  but could also be used for crewel embroidery, stumpwork, Brazilian embroidery, Elizabethan embroidery, cross stitch, ribbon embroidery, canvas work, beading,  applique, felting, quilting etc.

You can view the theme below by clicking on the image to get a larger view,  but I have also  provided a PF file  Fresh morning rose so that you can print it out and keep it on file for future reference.  This brings to mind  another idea ………… how about a booklet on colour schemes for embroidery?  Let me know your thoughts.

I hope you like this months scheme Fresh morning rose  and as always would love to hear your feedback.  Wherever you are have a wonderful week and happy stitching.  Trish

“The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.”  George William Curtis.

56 thoughts on “Colour Schemes For Embroidery”

  1. Appreciating the time and effort you put into your site and detailed
    information you provide. It’s great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed information.
    Excellent read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  2. ek sal daarvan hou om meer van sulke soort te sien, waardeer dit baie, weet nie altyd wat om en waar om die kleure reg te gebruik nie, baie dankie weereens

  3. Hi Trish,
    How wonderful of you to do this! 🙂
    I’d like to second Gail’s idea “Have a question though… would you ever consider doing an online class where the students would use a photo and actually go step by step with it and make their own design from the actual photo? This would be something I would be really interested in…. just a little help in working with a photo.”.
    I’m particuarly interested in colour balance issues.

    Also, e-books are great – but since this one would be about colour – many of us may/would have problems printing it to refer to it on our home printers because often home printer quality is no great shakes. I’m familiar with this issue from the Thistle Thread classes.

    1. Hi Elmsley Rose
      Thats a great idea will help to wean students off my kits and onto doing their own work! I will give it some thought and see what I can come up with.

    2. Trish, I am not trying to take income from you by suggesting we learn how to work from a photo…. Am sure your kits would still be really desirable as they are so well done. And your books are amazingly good! I’m sorry… I don’t want to mess up your income. I just want to learn this art form from any angle I can.

      1. It would be a great idea Gail I am always encouraging my students to get past my kits and work on their own, I will certainly give some thought to it and perhaps next year we can implement a class or something. Trish

    3. I was just trying to be careful to not say any thing that offends. Plus, I value the needleartists that make a living from selling their creations etc. I want to encourage the small businesses by giving them business when I can. We have no local needle art stores near us. They have all been pushed out of business by the big chains which although I like them too, have very little available in needleart supplies. So Trish, I want to see your business thrive and continue and not do anything to hurt your sales… sorry… will get off my soap box now.

  4. Thank you for the lovely Fresh Morning Rose colour scheme. A booklet is a brilliant idea.

  5. The idea for color schemes sounds great,I want to do a fox,but have no ideas about the colors.I have most of Your books,really think they are great. I have done several flowers and the bee eater.They are so nice to work with,You give great instructions.

  6. Booklet a great idea. I have your dvd and books. Now to be able to open Fresh Morning rose. Anyone having problems I have always be able to open pdf.

  7. Thank you Trish. Beautiful rose and chart of colours ! It is very helpful. The booklet is a great idea.

  8. What a beautiful rose. Here in the UK the roses have been spectacular due to all our rain!
    I am sure a booklet on colour schemes would be very popular.

  9. Burty – Dougie would be proud – if only I could embroider this rose! What an amazing range of colours used to make this perfect rose as they seem almost impossible to replicate! Still thinking of ‘ring bearer’ cushion for Jules – no further forward!! You are amazing my friend! xoxox J

  10. Dear Trish,
    Love the colours oof Fresh Morning Rose. Already printed and filed. What a super help a book on matching colours would be. This is always a very difficult part of any embroidery from very simple to complicated. Hope you can get if off the ground.

  11. Would love to see a book on color schemes. most times I am alright arriving at color combinations but when i am stumped, I would love to be able to look up one of your books a a reference tool… Thanks

  12. What a lovely idea – thanks so much for this – it will really help those of us who do not have a natural eye for colour! I am stitching your little sampler at the moment – the butterfly is done and not looking too bad at all to my surprise!!! – and I will start the cherries tonight.

  13. Hi Trish, thank you so much for the rose color scheme. I have your book on Color Confidence in Embroidery.

    Have a question though… would you ever consider doing an online class where the students would use a photo and actually go step by step with it and make their own design from the actual photo? This would be something I would be really interested in…. just a little help in working with a photo.

    1. Trish, please forgive me… I am just a beginner so this may be a really stupid question. I love your color combos and will keep all I get, but was wondering what people are supposed to do with them? On the rose one, are people sketching the actual rose photograph you put up and then using the colors you gave to stitch it? Or are people just going to draw any rose and then use the colors you gave for it? Would love to see photos of stitchery done from the rose… just to see how people did it.

      1. Hi Gail my husband asked me the same question! No the rose is just the inspiration for the colours. We often need to create a colour scheme for our embroidery, in other words we are faced with a blank canvas or outline of a design and don’t know which colours to use. These schemes help you to put a good selection of colours together. My book Colour Confidence In Embroidery explains this in depth. Trish

    2. Gail, you do not even need to use the colors for flowers, or even needle painting. The rose just happens to be where (in this case) mother nature painted them, and like her, you can put them anywhere they make sense to you. Suppose you like those colors and you are embroidering a tablecloth with a geometric design to give as a gift, you could use those colors for the geometric design along the edge. Or, if you are making an apron to teach a little girl in your family to bake her favorite pie, you can use the colors to embroider a butterfly, her name or the dress of a crinoline lady on the apron for example. You could also crochet granny squares (or anything else) with yarn in those colors and make a blanket, or sew a quilt in fabrics of those colors. Now go! Run with them and your creativity and see what is born! 🙂

  14. Love it .. Love it .. Love it …. thanks Trish for making things easier for me as a novice in thread painting. I so much would love to be good at it but having this just makes it easier to commence a project without having to ponder for so long about colours. Booklet .. yes please. I too will print it as I love to have things to look through while sitting having a cuppa. Sorry I missed out on doing your on line project… spaces must have filled very quickly. Maybe next time for me. Regards Kerrie

  15. Wonderful idea, Trish! Thank you so much. This first one, a rose of such delicate color, is really lovely.

  16. Hi Trish
    Have already printed and filed this latest addition to the colour file along with other material you have sent us previously. it is a great idea and I for one would do it this way but can fully understand those that would want it digitally to clear shelf space but I still luv to page through your books and get inspiration. Great idea – keep em comin’!!

  17. Hi Trish
    Have printed and filed it already with all the other things you have posted for us but still luv to page through the colour book and get the inspiration – for embroidery I think the actual printed page is better than digital but I fully understand the thought behind clearing house shelf space – however – there is nothing like the feel of an actual book!! This was an inspired idea and I for one will print and file as they come.
    Many thanks

  18. Trish, what a wounderful idea and help. I have been doing violets and I just can’t find the right combanation so this kind of chart will come in handy!!! Judy, Leoma, Tenn.

  19. Thank you all for the great suggestions and enthusiasm to the colour scheme idea. I have taken them all into consideration and the ebooks & booklet seed is sown! Its interesting that some of you mentioned that E books take up less space than books – actually I have been pondering this for some time and ordered myself Adobe Indesign software programme so that I could explore this option further. I think with the current trend there is a place for Ebooks but of course will give a booklet option also. It will take some time but no doubt you will see these items in the not so distant future (I cannot not put a good idea into action!). After all COLOUR IS INFINITE. Thanks again. Trish

  20. Trish, Thank you for sharing .Booklet on colour schemes is a wonderful idea.Hope It works out for you.I have your book 🙂 I love it .Thanks again for the book.

  21. I got the book when it first came out, and it’s probably the best investment I’ve made for my library. Thanks for continuing to add with today’s posting.

    1. I too have your book and love,love,love it! Im not sure about ebooks, buy like wnat I saw today. I like something to hold in hand.

  22. Thank you so much for providing this for us! Have been looking for the right greens. Love the booklet idea.

  23. Brilliant idea to have a booklet or even a book if there is enough material. I would certainly buy it.

  24. Now I see why you are the teacher, Trish! I’m not sure I would have seen those 3 shades of lavender in that photo, but now that you have called them out they make perfect sense. I may have to buy your book! Looking forward to some more of these. 🙂

  25. Just an awesome gift and wonderful idea to make a booklet for us. Perhaps it will expand into a large book. It will certainly fill a need.

  26. This is just a wonderful gift to us. Your schemes are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing. All your books are so inspirational and a wealth of information on color. Another booklet would just be another treasure to add to the group. Lee

  27. Thanks so much for giving us this! I can tell it’s going to be extremely useful. The Fresh Morning Rose is a lovely color scheme.

  28. Thank you for this idea. As I already started a file with all your brilliant IDEAS this is just the cherry on the top. I hope the booklet will soon materilize as that is the one aspect that I really struggle with

  29. I am in love with the Fresh Morning Rose. It would make a fantastic pattern that we could make. I’m thrilled to have you help us with the color combinations. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas and talent with us.

  30. The booklet idea is not just an idea, it’s a MUST!
    The rose and chart you’ve provided for us is just so lovely. I always find it very pleasing to look at the combination of threads that come with kits. They always go together just right, of course, and look so beautiful to me.
    I’m colour challenged, although better than I was since doing a painting course, so am intrigued by the colours represented in your chart. For the exercise, I’m working on fitting each one to it’s corresponding place in the rose picture.
    I haven’t yet purchased your “Colour Confidence in Embroidery” but am intending to. It will help me a lot. Thanks for all your efforts to get these things ‘out there’.

  31. I too think this is a great idea – I find the grades of shading really difficult. Also the idea of an e-book on shading is a brilliant one, don’t want to rush you – but I can’t wait

  32. Books are great, but it would be interesting to have a computer program that will pop up a scheme when you insert a photo.

    Also, just a thought, books are great, but I think that craft book (and other types as well)authors should start putting them in digital format for peoples e-readers, as well as in paper format. That way many people can have a bigger library without having to fill up thier often limited shelf space. I constantly see craft books that I would like, however, my shelving is limited, so it is full of reading books, with only a pinch of room for craft books, so I can never get any new craft books, because none appear as e-books. One craft book on my shelf being the stitch encyclopedia I used to teach myself new stitches, after the one embroidery lesson I had in fourth grade. I know that when my family all got e-readers, we began finding electronic versions (a couple a month) of our favorite books (all types), and donating the books themselves to charity, to clear shelf space in the house for new books or books that are still unavailable in e-format. 🙂

  33. Thank you Trish. A beautiful colour scheme for a delicate rose. It is a great idea to create a booklet on colour schemes – more lovely inspiration for embroiderers. I would love to see some of the richer, darker colours that are typical of South Africa.

  34. Thanks for the color chart for the rose. I think it is a great idea. Color choices has always been the hardest part for me.

    1. How beautiful my favourite flower and my favourite colours . Are you going to make this rose into a special project for us to buy and do?? maybe like the quilters do a block a month , finally making into a quilt ???

    2. I would love to see a book or booklet made into your current idea…..Thank you for sharing the information starting with the Fresh Morning Rose…

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