Victoria Falls Colour Scheme

Hello Everyone

As you know I have just got back from Victoria Falls and decided to commemorate the visit with a colour Scheme.  You can download the PDF file here.Victoria Falls.

Photography is not my forte but I did manage to take all of these photos myself with a little help from my daughter Tess.  You can click on each one for a larger view.

We had a wonderful trip and can’t resist sharing some of the aspects with you.  I have seen the falls before many times but the sheer awesomeness of it never fails to impress me.  I find myself wondering how David Livingstone must have felt when he came across this amazing sight in the middle of the bush.  I believe they heard the sound of the water before they saw it.  It is aptly named Mosi Oa Tunya by the locals or THE SMOKE THAT THUNDERS.   My husband pictured below looking quite fetching next to David Livingstone and me looking equally as fetching in my plastic raincoat!  M y two delinquent daughters making fun of me trying to take a photo.

Ok so my legs were tired ok………….. we had been walking all day and were now crossing the bridge onto the Zambian side and the only transport available was an African Rickshaw.   It was a toss up between a soggy wet foam rubber cushion or sore legs so I opted for the soggy cushion!  Not the most comfortable ride – I can see you having a good laugh at my expense.

The highlight of my trip had to be the chopper ride – first time in my life to go on a chopper and wow what an experience.  Yes I really did go here is the proof – thats me sitting in the front of the chopper, so I could see through the glass floor.  I did have to negotiate this seat with the tourist from Melbourne who soon realised he was not going to have much joy negotiating with 3 women!  My two daughters Tess & Katie sat in the back with him, they were very embarrassed because I kept shouting at them over the noise of the chopper.


Tess & katie very courageously went across the Vic Falls Gorge on a zip slide while my husband and I looked on in awe.  They did say that even Grannys could do it but I decided I didn’t need that type of thrill at my stage of life.  They were a little apprehensive when buckling up but loved it once they were away.

My daughter Tess & husband Simon had an amazing flight on a Microlight.  This gets you about as close to the falls as you could hope to get – just look at that view.

Of course we saw plenty of game, ate lots and were treated to an African dance extravangaza – my husband even ate a mopani worm!  (but then he never did have very good taste – taste in women aside).  We stayed at the fabulous Ilala Lodge right near the Falls, would highly recommend it if you ever go to the Falls.

Now its back to reality and the cold wet weather in Cape Town – actually it’s the perfect weather for stitching and am feeling inspired and ready to go, so till next time, wherever you are have a wonderful weekend and happy stitching.  Trish


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  2. Thanks for the photos and the memories they revived. My husband, my thirteen year old son and i stayed at the Victoria falls hotel for three nights in 1990 and the visit is one of those. Special lifetime experiences. Catherine from Australia

  3. A well deserved break for the family which brought back many memories of days gone by—-but something in Zimbabwe that will never change—-I was so pleased to see how stimulating it all was for them in their individual ways—–needless to say embroidery was upppermost in my daughters mind so like the falls her priorities will never change. How lucky everybody is to have somebody so dedicated bringing pleasure to everybody plus herself. Obviously a proud mother!!!!!!!

  4. thank you for sharing you lovely photos,I definately would not be taken the ride on the microlight,as I dont like heights.It looks like you all had a wonderful time ,and after all your hard work you deserve to .Thank you once again .

  5. Oh my gosh Trishy. What wonderful photos. Remember when we all went there as little girls? We took the train from Salisbury (Harare) and what fun that was. Then when we tried to cross into Zambia and were waiting at the customs office, Gilly who must have been about 5 years old was doing backward hops and she jumped right into the rubbish bin. All we saw were two feet and a little face sticking out. Those were fun times in Africa weren’t they! I miss those days.

  6. Loved the pictures… looks like it was alot of fun. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the color scheme. It downloaded about half way then said the file was damaged and could not be repaired. Would love to still get that color scheme. Could the file be downloaded again?

  7. Oh, thank you for sharing your photos with us. What a delight! The photos are great, and the “thumbs up” picture of your daughters is absolutely adorable. 🙂

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