Eterna Silk Conversions

Hello everyone

Please find  the eterna silk conversions to DMC for all the projects in my Colour Confidence In Embroidery book Eterna Silk Conversions for Colour Confidence Book

Please pass this information onto anyone who you know who owns the book, thank you.

Have a wonderful week and will chat to you when get back from the convention.  Trish

8 thoughts on “Eterna Silk Conversions”

  1. I am looking for the equivalent DMC thread for the Kingfisher in the Colour Confidence book and can’t find them on the conversion chart. Any idea which I should use. Love the Kingfisher and really want to work it.

  2. Thank you so much. I was begining to think the problem was me (with finding the silk and all). I really really LOVE this book, and now i can brave something a little more tricky like the King Fisher maybe.

    On a different note, for any of you out there on the net still looking for Eterna silk, DON”T trus a website called . They are useless…

    Thanks again though Trish, really love your work!

  3. Didn’t the silk have a different sheen to it compared to now having to use DMC?

    Thank you for the conversion – I put it on Excel.

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