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Firstly thank you for the response to my request for vintage sources, I now have a plethora of subject matter to work from and am busy as a bee creating projects.  I hope to have some kits ready for you by the end of this month in time for Christmas.  The Colour scheme booklet is in progress – we are getting printing quotes and trying different layouts and again hopefully this will be released before Christmas.  It occurred to me that most people don’t purchase embroidery items at Christmas time – I wonder why this is?  Do you think its because we mainly order for ourselves during the year so at Christmas time we revert to buying gifts of the traditional kind for our loved ones, i.e. clothing, tools, smellies etc?

Orange Breasted Sunbird

The Orange Breasted Sunbird is now available as a kit and digital download – it can be purchased on the Etsy shop here.  I have moved my main shop across to Etsy as I like the layout and the customer service they offer so if you need anything thats the place to go.  I have changed the layout of my kit instructions which now include a stitch diagram which tells you which colours are used for each area – I hope you find it helpful and would be interested to get your feedback.

I was thrilled to hear from Mary Corbet that my book Colour Confidence For Embroidery had been voted the#1 most popular book on Needle ‘n Thread this year, really made my day!    You can read about it here.  Click on the image to go to online store.

Colour Confidence In Embroidery Available Here

Meantime wherever you are have a wonderful week and many happy stitching hours.  Trish

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  1. The answer is buy what you want and then give it to a family member (in my case one of the daughters) and then when then father says what can I get your mother they pop up with the right present – I am vert firm with myself and do NOT look at the book or whatever until after it has been handed over as a present.

  2. I think your new stitch instruction will be extremely helpful, at least to me. I will be hard to see the color changes because there is so much overlap, but I think this will still be a big help. So I better get off the computer and get to work on the Little Bee Eater!

  3. Hi Trish,

    I’ve got your colour book on my Christmas list. I think the reason that embroidery items aren’t bought a lot at Christmas is because we can’t trust our relatives to get the right things! I can send my people the url for a book, but they don’t know what I mean by threads and such. No-one but another embroiderer would understand what it is I am looking for or what colours I want and need. As you can see, I’ve been thinking about this already. I want a new bird book for Christmas, but my family would never know what it is that I want from it, so wouldn’t know which one to get.

    1. You are so right! For my birthday I generally order things and have them sent to my husband’s office otherwise I get a whole lot of gadgets for the kitchen or fishing rods, that type of thing……….. Hope Father Christmas gets you the book:) Trish

  4. Hi Trish, just to say how much I love your kits! I am a total novice but am really enjoying having a go! I love the idea of the diagrams to show where the colours go – very helpful. Best wishes, Catherine

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