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Hello Everyone

Hope your week is going well and that those of you in Europe are surviving the ice and snow.

I am giving you a few days notice that registration for the new online guidance classes will open on Wed 20th March, as before class numbers are limited to provide individual attention, and registration will close when the places have been filled.   Registration and details of the classes will be on my Etsy shop under Section CLASSES, as from 20th March.

I am sure you will understand that the classes are priced as a package so I cannot offer individual refunds for those who already have a copy of the booklet or kit, it would take me a month of Sundays to adapt pricing for individual requests!

This year I will be offering two classes in Miniature Needle Painting:

1.  Online Guidance Class Level One – Miniature Needle Painting.

25th April – 25th May 2013

Vintage Robin & Pansy

In this class you will learn the fundamentals of miniature needle painting.  Trish will be on hand to guide you every step of the way by email and provide hints and tips.  It is suitable for beginners who have a little experience with surface embroidery but also for those who are already familiar with the technique but would like to learn how to adapt their stitching to miniature work.

Vintage Robin & Pansy
Vintage Robin & Pansy

2.  Online Guidance Class Level Two – Advanced Miniature Needle Painting

25th May – 30th June 2013

Vintage Bluebirds & Daisies

This is a follow on to Level One.  In this class you will learn more advanced features of miniature needle painting.  Trish will be on hand to guide you every step of the way by email and provide hints and tips.  It is suitable for those who have completed Level One or who have previous experience with the technique.  If you would like to participate in both classes and want combined shipping choose Option 3.

Vintage Bluebirds & Daisies
Vintage Bluebirds & Daisies

3.  Online Guidance Classes Level One & Two

This option is for both classes Level One Vintage Robin & Pansy + Level Two Vintage Bluebirds & Daisies with combined shipping and savings on the materials.

Meantime, wherever you are be it winter, spring or summer have a wonderful week/weekend and many happy stitching hours.  Trish

15 thoughts on “Online Guidance Classes”

  1. Hello Trish,
    I tried to reach the Etsy shop . OK !
    But I don’t see “online classes”. So I cann’t subscribe tomorrow in your class ; what do I do ? and at what time do I do it tomorrow in Belgium to be at time ?
    Thanks for help me !

    1. Hello Nicole the classes will be posted at about 12pm our time which is about 1pm your time tomorrow. It will be under CLASSES in the sections and it will remain there until the class is filled. Trish

  2. Hi Trish I would love to do this class with you. Could you tell me how much this will cost in uk pounds.
    Thank you
    Linda Alice

  3. I want to do both sessions too! Every time I’ve tried the classes have been full. Trish will you leave any open slots for those of us in US. By the time our morning comes around the classes are full 🙁

  4. This would also be the best birthday present ever. I hope I make the cut. Good luck to us all. Thank you so much for offering these online classes. Outside of the excellent books and dvd, this is the only way I would receive your personal tutelage. What a wonderful opportunity. I can hardly wait for Wednesday morning. What time would it be in the United States to check your etsy shoppe?

      1. So is 12pm your time, actually 6am New York Time and 3am (YIKES) California time. Is that correct?

  5. Hello Trish !
    Be so happy for this online classes, and am very interrested with both. Hope to be at time for the subcription ! Could not be in Paris to meat you ! Thanks for all.
    Good evening.
    Nicole from Belgium

  6. Hello everyone
    The cost of the classes including registration and materials are as follows:
    Level One = US$76.95
    Level Two = US$86.95
    Level One & Two combined = US$147.95

  7. So excited to be able to finally do a class with you. My birthday is on the 19 March and was wondering what I could have as a present when this email came thru. Please could
    you you let me know a ballpark price for the classes to see if it is going to be a realistic birthday wish.

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