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Hello everyone

I am pleased to announce the arrival of 3 new designs of people and portraits.  Two miniatures and one Vintage Lady as shown below – these kits  are available from my ETSY SHOP.  I have used a fine polyester thread for outlining and minute details such as facial features on the miniature designs.  I will be talking more about these threads later on in the week in part 3 of our series on Miniature Embroidery.  Small quantities of outline thread packs are also available in the SHOP and I hope to have more in stock next week.

Saucer of milk for kitty
Saucer of milk for kitty

kitty 3

kitty 2

The first miniature is Saucer Of Milk For Kitty.  This sweet design is adapted from a vintage print by artist Jessie Wilcox Smith formerly on the cover of Good Housekeeping magazine, Hearst Corporation 1920.  There is some discussion as to whether he is a boy or a girl, I think he is a boy and therefore changed the original colours of red into soft blues, but no reason why it could not be for a little girl (or big girl) either – my daughter loves it and has commandeered it for her bedroom.

A slice of sweet watermelon.
A slice of sweet watermelon.

watermelon 1watermelon 3The second miniature is A Slice Of Sweet Watermelon.  This endearing picture of a little girl eating her watermelon was again adapted by a vintage print by artist Jessie Wilcox Smith, formerly on the cover of Good housekeeping magazine, Hearst Corporation 1920.  These miniatures are slightly larger than my previous designs to allow space to include the facial features.  Each one approx 7 x 8cm (2.7 x 3.3 ins).

My Fair Lady
My Fair Lady

lady 3

lady 2The third design, My Fair Lady  is slightly larger (not miniature) approx 12 x 15cm ( 4.7 x 5.9 ins) as I had not yet discovered the use of my polyester outlining threads and felt I needed to make her big enough to include larger facial features.  So this design is stitched using DMC/Anchor stranded cotton only.  It is available as a kit from my ETSY SHOP.

Wherever you are in the world be it winter, spring, summer or autumn hope you have had a great weekend and ready to start the new week with a bang!  Trish


9 thoughts on “New Designs”

  1. Will the digital format for Saucer of milk for kitty be available soon. Love this design but I find shipping to Canada a bit pricey.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful, I love portraits, I’m just waiting for the ordered book on birds and figures already here!!!!

  3. I’m not usually a big fan of portraits, but your Fair Lady has a beautiful face.



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